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Written on Monday, June 18, 2018

I’m so much into the Korean cosmetics that I’m ready to compose poems about them. In fact, cosmetic medicine is developing very quickly nowadays and it’s such a common practice now to visit a few biorevitalization procedures, and voila, your skin will be nourished, hydrated and moisturized.Smile Yet still I’m more into domestic treatments, you know. Smile

I guess there isn’t a person who hasn’t heard of the Missha brand, right? Smile In my stash there are some products from this brand and many of them have really become my Holy Grails!

In my opinion, a sleeping mask it’s such a nice way out for couch-potatoes. Because all that you have to do it to apply the mask to your skin, instead of a face cream and go to bed. While you’re sleeping, the mask is working. Smile However, you should remember that the formula of such masks is usually too heavy for the skin, this is why it’s very important to use them well and not really often. Smile

So, here it is, the little hero of my review today:

About the product:

1. Cooling Cream with 85% Glacier Water : Glacier water from the pure, clean and clear region of Patagonia to provide hydrating, cooling, and skin soothing benefits

2. Refreshing & Moisturizing Cream : Cools and melts onto skin like ice with a non-sticky, refreshing finish

3. Skin-Friendly Hexagonal Water : The structure of glacier water is similar to the skin-strengthening hexagonal water for healthy skin care. Sleeping mask to help promote moist and vital skin as if having a sound sleep by providing six kinds of necessary benefits into the skin while you sleep.

So, after the first use I was completely upset with the product because I woke up in the morning with my face greasy and sticky. It felt as though my skin was super tacky and clogged. If I tell you that I was disappointed, that would mean nothing, in comparison with what I felt, taking into the account the size of the jar, which is 100ml by the way. They recommend us to use the mask twice a week and, having such results, I had no idea whether the time I’d use it up would ever come or not. Smile


The jar is just immense! Smile:)Smile


As usual, it's in the character of Koreans that everything should be comfortable and convenient. This is why there’s a small spatula for the mask so we don't have to pick it up with our fingers. Smile


Consistency-wise the product is very pleasant, it doesn’t have any nasty smell to it but, on the contrary, the mask is beautifully scented!


So now, it’s time to tell you how I’ve actually managed to tame this sleeping mask Smile


The mask is really very lightweight, so the rule “the more = the better” doesn’t work here. One pea-sized drop is actually all that you need for the formula to sink in fully. Smile On the third day I have finally managed to apply the right amount of the product and in the morning I saw how beautiful my skin was. Smile It has become soft and velvety to the touch. Smile It felt as though it has become supple from the inside. Smile I couldn’t even have guessed that I can get such effect from a sleeping mask. Smile Now the days when I use this mask are my favorite Smile

I highly recommend this product for everybody, especially if you are more than 25, because this age is ideal to start hydrating and nourishing your skin Smile

Have a pleasant shopping spree! Smile Stay beautiful =)

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Fly_Na recommends Missha Super Aqua Ice Tear Sleeping Mask

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