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Written on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hello there!

I always have eye patches as well as tissue masks at home. It’s a quick way to refresh my skin under my eyes and look perfect.

I’ve never used any eye patches that would’ve been useless, but I especially appreciate these Korean hydrogel patches.

I wanted to test the Secretkey Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patches at first, but the reviews were too controversial, so I picked up the Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye-Spot Patch.

I’m on my second package at the moment, so I have something to tell you about it. These patches have black pearls and golden particles. Sounds great, eh?


All the information is written in Korean. On the back you can find the list of ingredients in English.

Inside there is a jar with a spatula, which is a very handy tool to pick up the eye patches. I don’t always use this spatula, however, because there is little chance to tear the patch. I’ve checked it. So, I prefer picking it up with my fingers and applying it to my face.

It’s very convenient to use a spatula too, because you won’t have to put your fingers in the solution with the patches, but I am sometimes too lazy to use it.

About the solution. According to the manufacturer, this solution has a good deal of beneficial ingredients. Moreover, there is a lot of it, because the patches simply float in there.

The jar consists of 60 patches, so if you use it everyday, it will be used up in 2 months.

Shelf life: 2 years, but you have to use it within 2 months after opening, they say.

The patch imitates the eye contour.

It doesn’t suit my eyes so perfectly, but it holds well and doesn’t slide.

Initially they look very thick and elastic. Later I’m going to show you how they look at the end.

As I have already said, the patches are saturated with a specific solution very well. At first they even trickle down, but after a while they get drier. This is another reason why you have to use it within 2 months.

So, first of all I’m going to show you my BEFORE skin. I don’t have any particular issues with my skin, but it’s obviously dehydrated and requires moisture according to the fine lines under my eyes.

Also, I have some under eye bags, especially when I don’t get enough sleep, which is actually 5 days a week.

I apply these patches to my clean skin and prefer lying down with them for at least 5 minutes to let them stick to my skin better. After that I can get up and do some work.

At first it feels a little bit tingly. I was actually scared by this sensation at first, because I thought that the patches were expired and wanted to take them off. However, I read that it’s a normal reaction and after a while the tingling disappeared.

More than that, I’d like to note that these patches have quite a potent cosmetic smell. It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, but it’s something to consider when you are sensitive to fragrances.

I don’t time 20 minutes, but wear them till I’m sick of them or till the moment when the tingly feeling stops.

After use I see quick results. My skin gets lighter and more even. The fine lines smooth out.

Sometimes I use the patches before going to sleep and remove it in the morning. In the morning they are absolutely dry, but they are still under my eyes.

The patches are obviously thinner when I remove them, which means that they gave all their moisture to my skin.

When I take them off in the morning, they look dried out and very thin.

I definitely love the results. My skin looks much better with my eyes refreshed.

Nevertheless, the product has its downsides. It doesn’t show any accumulative effect or rather the effect disappears whenever I wash my face.

So, here is a question:

Why use these patches every day, if the the results disappear right after the first wash?

I’m so underwhelmed.

This product is the way to refresh your skin prior to some big event, but don’t have any high hopes that it will moisturize and make your skin look better after that. It ensures only a one-time effect.

All in all, I can recommend it to girls that don’t have any particular skin issues. It won’t smooth out wrinkles, but reduce fine lines for one day and make your eyes look refreshed.


Thanks for reading!

See you Wink

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La tulipe recommends Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

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