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Written on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Today I’d like to share my weight loss success story.During my second pregnancy I gained more weight than I should have. My doctor warned me that I would have problems losing it, but nevertheless I couldn’t stop eating. I gained 55 pounds instead of the standard 30.

Since I gave birth via C-section, I was prohibited from physical activity for 6 months. Right after birth, I lost 22 pounds, and therefore had 33 extra pounds.

Thanks to diets, I lost 22 pounds in the next six months, but my physique was still pathetic: baby belly, and sagging skin on my arms, butt and thighs.

So I started looking for an effective home workouts, because, as a mother of two, I had no time for a gym. I watched a lot of workouts, but ended up with the 10 minutes Solutions by Cindy Whitmarsh.

Thanks to these workout plans, I managed to tone and sculpt all those trouble zones in the next months. I look better than I did when I was 20 years old (now I’m 35, by the way).

Before / After (you can see my big belly in this photo)So, what is this workout?

The coach, Cindy Whitmarsh, has a very beautiful and slender body. I love the way she encourages her viewers with all these “Come on, you can do it” etc.

It really makes me go on working out.

The DVD is divided in several sections, 10 minute workoutd for each body part.


10 Minute Solution - Thighs

In this section, Cindy is working on the thigh muscles. The exercises are quite simple, but my muscles were sore at first. I got used to it eventually.

10 Minute Solution - Arms


The next section is devoted to the arms, shoulders and posture. You’ll need weights. I found a great exercise to improve my posture, which had been poor since my school years. I don’t have pains in my back like I had before.

10 Minute Solution - Buns

These are my favorite exercises for tight buns, which I’m working on. I haven’t achieved desired results yet, but I look forward to them.

10 Minute Solution - ABS

This section is about abdominal exercises. Cindy shows how to train abs properly and get a beautiful belly.

Power stretch

In this section, you can find a bunch of full body stretching exercises. You’ll need a towel for some of them.

These workouts have truly improved both my body and mood!

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KseniaLe recommends 10 Minute Solution - Target Toning for Beginners Workout program

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