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Written on Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hi! Smile

Today I’ll go through another lip balm in my collection. It’s about the DR LIPP'S ORIGINAL NIPPLE BALM FOR LIPS.

I got a sample of this lip care from the Lookfantastic Advent Calendar. After a few months I bought a full-size tube with 15 ml.

I don’t know if DR LIPP'S produces anything else, but they definitely nailed it with this lip balm.

I have tons of chapsticks and lip balms and I’ve tried even more of them within the last 5 years: EOS, Lucas Papaw, Carmex… All of them are pretty good, but they can’t measure up against this stuff Smile Especially when you have extremely dry lips.

My collection :)
My collection :)

First things first:

Packaging: This is an obvious setback of this product. There is no applicator, so I have to apply it either with my fingers or with a brush. When I use my fingers, I have to wash them after that. There is an option to squeeze the balm right to your lips, but as for me, it’s not convenient.

Ingredients: All-natural ingredients. Basically, it consists of only Lanolin.

Made from 100% ultra pure medical grade Lanolin, and harvested during the summer from natural Sheep’s wool, the Original Nipple Balm for Lips is cleansed of all impurities and is approved by Ecocert France. Tasteless, odourless and fragrance free. K.D.

Proven to help reduce skin roughness by 40% in one hour.

Considered by dermatologists and scientists to be one of the safest ways to care for your skin as the Lanolin lipids (oils) are so similar to your skin’s natural oils that they easily penetrate and absorb deeply into your skin.

Accelerates the repair of the skin’s natural barrier functions.

Smell and consistency: The smell is present, it’s herbal and not strong. I don’t have any gripes about it. The consistency is thick and spreads out on my lips easily. Moreover, it’s sticky, but it’s OK and doesn’t put me off. Also, it has absolutely no taste about it.

How I use it:

The maker recommends using this product for any dry areas, the nipples, cheeks and cuticles included.

Honestly, I’ve tried it only with my lips and it recovers them amazingly well. Basically I apply it at nights or after a meal.

It looks like a transparent lip gloss on my lips. But you can apply any other lip gloss or lipstick on top of it.

On the plus side, the lip balm doesn’t require multiple reapplying.

Price and dupes: £12.00 for 15 ml on, which is quite pricey given that there is also Meleda Purelan 100 with the same ingredients, i.e. with Lanolin.

It’s a cream for nipples that is popular among mommies. This product can also be used for lips and other dry areas.

This lip balm is on point. I would’ve repurchased it if I hadn’t found a more affordable dupe Smile Other than that, there is no sense to overpay Smile

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LuckyNatali recommends Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips Lip Balm

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