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Written on Friday, November 9, 2018

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve known Apple products for a long time. I had the iPhone 5s (from 2013 till 2018), as well as iPad 4. I always liked the brand and came to its defense whenever some Android fan started to criticize it.

And yet, after long pondering, I’ve made a mistake by buying the iPhone X (256 GB) for $1325.

After opening the box, I couldn’t be happier. The phone looked awesome, especially in comparison with the 5s and its tiny display. Now I didn’t have to keep the phone right under my nose in order to read something.

I got used to the absence of the Home button really quickly. Now I try to swipe up on every phone I hold.

photo taken with iPhone X
photo taken with iPhone X

In general, I was happy with the swiftness it showed as well as features. Once, I compared photos taken with IPhone X and Samsung Galaxy s8, and I was stupefied. Even though the colors in the iPhone picture were nicer, the image quality of Samsung in general was much better.


okay to take some food photos for instagram
okay to take some food photos for instagram
Now 11 reasons why I got mad:


1. iPhone X has a lot of shortcomings and glitches. For example, when I try to block the screen, I always end up making a screenshot of it.


2. The magnifying glass tends to appear pretty often. Once, I spent almost 10 minutes trying to get rid of it. My screen freezes often and doesn’t react to my touch.


3. As I’ve already mentioned, the camera sucks. One can expect a better quality for the price.


4. This display-interrupting mono-brow is so annoying, I don’t understand why they couldn’t place it somewhere else. It sticks out like a sore thumb.


5. At first, it was hard to find suitable accessories.


6. The Face ID does not always recognize me so I have to unlock the phone by entering the password. It’s so inconvenient: at first, I stare into the phone and then I have to input the password anyway.


7. The app switcher won’t work properly.


8. The Wi-Fi turns on by itself. I use mobile data but I have to turn the Wi-FIi off at least 10 times a day.


9. I dunno what is wrong with my eyebrows, but the Rainbrow game won’t recognize them. That’s a shame, really.


10. Why can’t I use animoji in all the messengers? Why do they work in the iPhone messengers only? Why can’t I let all my people on Facebook know that I’m a lucky iPhone owner?


11. Battery life. It’s a pain, really.The battery lasts only about 8 hours. Are you serious? It’s 2018!


That’s all, folks. Don’t waste your money on this.

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