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Written on Friday, May 4, 2018
Pros: charges quickly, easy to use, holds the charge well, sensitive to pressure and tilt

I guess that all Apple owners got used to the fact that if you want to get compatible and fail-proof accessories for your gadget, buy it from the same brand Smile When I started thinking about purchasing a stylus for my iPad, I examined a good deal of options, including the Apple Pencil that I settled on in the end.

The Apple Pencil was the biggest and the most expensive one among everything I’ve examined.

I ordered it from the official website.

Everything looks minimalistic and stylish as is always the case with Apple products. The small box comes with all you need without anything unnecessary.

What is in the box: the Pencil itself, Warranty, User Manual, Lightning Adapter, Extra Tip and the Manual in pictures for those who don’t like reading much.

Warranty period: 1 year from the date of retail purchase.


The pictures of how to use:

The accessories: The Lighting Female and an Extra Tip.

The ends of the adapter vary. On the one end, it has a dent for plugging the pencil:

On the other end, it has a dent for connecting it to the lightning adapter:

On the box there is a picture of how to connect the adapter properly. This is how the pencil looks with it:

The adapter is tiny and easy to lose. That’s why I bought a silicone cap holder that attaches to the cable.

The cap of the lightning connector is also easy to lose when charging the pencil.

Therefore I purchased a silicone cover for it too.

The cap itself attaches to the pencil magnetically, so it won’t get lost when using the pencil.

The pencil can be charged the following ways:

  • With iPad Pro

  • With USB Power Adapter. According to the manufacturer, 15 seconds of charge ensures 30 minutes of use. It does really work, I checked it myself.

To start working with the pencil, turn on Bluetooth on your tablet, take off the cap from the pencil and plug it in.

Upon first use you’ll have to connect your iPad with your Pencil.


If you want to know how much charge is left, you have to add the charge widget to your Today View. Then you’ll have an opportunity to control it.

The pencil is very nice to use. It’s quite thick and fits well in my hand. However, I personally can’t do without a silicone holder grip (fish in my case).

I draw on the screen and the pencil glides on it very smoothly as opposed to a conventional pencil, so every stroke matters. To make it slip-free, you can purchase a rubberized sleeve or a holder grip in the form of a fish like the one I have.

I love my option, because it doesn’t rub my fingers, plus my fingers are able to hold the pencil anatomically the right way.


Basically this pencil is an irreplaceable device for designers, artists, letterers and calligraphers. The pencil is sensitive to pressure, which allows you to draw both thick and thin lines. By the way, after examining the price of all sketch markers available on the market, I realized that iPad + Apple Pencil is actually a total bang for the buck Smile

More than that, you can download some coloring pages and color them with this pencil or it can be used commonly to control the iPad instead of using your fingers.

As I’ve already said, iPad+Apple Pencil turned out to be a total steal for me. As a rule, I use this stylus for drawing and rarely as a control element.

The only reservation I have about it is that when it is charging (provided you don’t use quick charge), you can not use it. However, they already created a quick charger for such picky people like me.

Also, the pencil requires some accessories, like a cap cover or a rubber sleeve. Their prices on the official website are exorbitant, but I found low-cost alternatives.

I keep the pencil in a cover close to the tablet, so it’s always ready at hand.

Thank you for reading my review to the end Smile

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Fluffy_unicorn recommends Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

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