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Written on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The eighth of March is a wonderful holiday. I really like to make gifts. I have a degree in law, I work a lot, I bring good for people, I pay taxes. Probably, due to these very reasons, I can’t present my loved ones with a mansion, a vineyard or a yacht. But, I understand the technique a little.

And now, under the weight of these incontrovertible proofs of my guilt, the first of March was at my door, and I hadn’t even ordered gifts yet ...

When getting gifts, I always think "how can this be useful to me"? Then I suddenly remembered about my last problems and called my daughter and granddaughter. But they didn’t answer the phone. So, “they need something to know that they are being phoned”, came to my mind!

"Smart watch" is a good thing, but bulky. It looks like plastic cheap stuff (in any situation), and considering the graceful forms of a daughter and granddaughter, it’ll look like a saddle of a matador on a cat. So that way, the choice was made in favor of fitness tracker.

What I needed was a light tracker showing the time and vibrating on the wrists once SMS or calls are received on the mobile. All other functions were welcomed, but "wasn’t an obligation". I was sure that I could manage with any settings (such an optimist).

In terms of price / functions, the Xiaomi Mi Band was definitely the best.

The price was about $ 19 +extra bands, for $ 5 each (I wanted to order 10 items of different colors, but had to buy 6 more colors, two items each). They were packed "not as a present", syringes and catheters are often packed even more "joyfully."

Delivery. The packaging was very "trendy": minimalism in everything and everywhere. Asceticism in everything (I ordered two cakes, which I asked to put the gifts in).

The manual was also very ascetic. Even for me, speaking in 6 languages, reading 15 and understanding the difference between Flemish and Farsi, it was hard. However, for those who understand Chinese, perhaps it would be understandable.

To link and and customize the tracker with LG was much easier. The problem was not in hardware, but in the software. I had to put some effort into the device for it just to start working.

Let's put it this way: I had to try hard, as the settings turned out to be ugly and disgusting. The software that the manufacturer offers is not just "raw", it doesn’t work even between devices of the same manufacturer.

OVERALL: it’s a wonderful device! Once attached it doesn’t fail. Calls, SMS, schedule, you’ll be informed with a delay in 3 seconds (the settings do not allow to make 1:1).

The weight is 7 grams !! - this +

Dust-water proof +

For 10 days of use, the battery charge dropped from 100% to 92%

The clock is activated when you need to look at them +

The watch's glass is scratched, very much -

Data on the number of steps and pulse do not correspond to reality -

The need to use the "service" Mi-Do (this Google+ is still very inconvenient) - !!!!!!!!!!!

For charging, you need a "unique adapter" (it was in a set but .....) -

In my opinion, the fitness tracker is a complete nonsense.

It’s a cheap way to put yourself above the others, for majors ONLY. The measurements of steps, pulse and others just wrong. Perhaps there are some devices which can measure the pressure, temperature, steps and heart rate for 10 seconds, but this is not Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

It becomes a convenient thing (especially if the phone is in a backpack, and you are in a noisy place).

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a service device. My girls and I liked it a lot (I had to buy it for my wife as well) The device is good and convenient, but has nothing to do with fitness.

Well, I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t watched what was inside. Everything's not bad, I should say

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Perrkele recommends Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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