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Written on Friday, May 26, 2017


Today I want to tell you about one interesting device, which entered my life and stayed there - the fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2!

My colleague was the first person, I’ve heard about the fitness trackers from. She ordered the first model by that brand. I was completely unaware of such devices, she explained to me in two words what was what.

Immediately I became interested in the functions of it. That same day I was surfing the net looking for my band. But, actually, when I saw the price, I felt that it was high for me Smile And I eventually forgot about that tracker for a few months! The next time I heard about the Mi Band was from my husband, who offered to order two bands, one for me and one for him.

So, we started getting to know more about the Mi Band 2. And we actually decided to buy them! But only one item, for me, on my birthday!

So, let me introduce you the fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

I liked the packaging very much, it was so serious. On the lid there was a picture of the band, and on the sides there was the sign "Xiaomi Mi Band - MI."

Once we opened the lid, we found a capsule - the brain of the tracker. Inside there was a band, a charger and a small manual.

The band is pleasant to touch and made of silicone. I don’t feel it on my wrist. On the band there are a lot of holes to click, as my wrist is very thin I keep it on the last hole, and the band sits well and isn't tight. The clasp is quite safe, for the two and a half months, it’s never popped opened or anything! Which is great!

The band looks stylish and doesn’t capture any attention.

The capsule itself isn’t big, 10 x 7 x 6. The display is small. On the capsule there is a sensor button to switch between the functions, it works well without any problems.

The capsule is easy to fit into the band, and it sits there tightly as there are constraints. I heard that with the first model there was a consistent problem of the capsule constantly falling out. But in the second model, the manufacturer corrected that flaw! The capsule is water resistant! I can take a shower or a bath and don’t take the band off. Of course, you shouldn’t sink it on purpose Smile

The battery is good, it didn’t require charging for a month or even longer. For two and a half months, I’ve changed it only twice. The charger is a standard USB. It takes a few hours to get charged, I didn’t count the hours, to be honest. On the display of the band you can see the following information - time, steps or kilometers walked, calories burned, pulse and the battery level.

To use the fitness tracker fully you need to install the app Mi Fit on the phone. On my Android it works well.

I didn’t have any problems registering in the app. After you register, your phone “finds” your band and that’s it!

Let’s have a look at the app!

In your profile you need to register your data: height, aims, if you want to lose weight you need to write your desired weight, activities and the number of steps done.

You can also adjust the band for you: to choose which features you want to see on your band. I've removed the display of calories burned. I don’t think that it’s useful information!

Let’s look at notifications. For me the most important was the notification of an incoming call. I set up the band to vibrate after 3 seconds. This is very convenient - if you, for example, placed your phone in the room and left, to wash the dishes, you are unlikely to hear the phone ringing. Now this is not a problem at all! Since I very often have to use the phone after I leave the office, as my work day still continues, I constantly receive calls. And I had to carry the phone with me all the time around the apartment. Now I finally found peace =)

You can set up notifications about messages - SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, about the goal reached (number of steps), alarm clock. But I don’t use these functions!

The start page for the application is the "status" page. It shows your successes: the number of steps you have done today, the number of kilometers, the number of burned calories, the data on the sleep, the data on the change in weight, the pulse rate throughout the day, as well as a report on the achievement of your goal.

The device doesn’t count the steps right, sometimes. It sometimes counts hand movements as walking. But if you don’t move your hands very actively, the calculation will be more or less right. My job is connected with working at a computer, so I don’t move very much. I put a goal for myself of 4000 steps, so far, although the program recommends me 8000 steps, considering my data. Usually I reach the goal, as I try to walk more. So, I think, after the New Year holidays, I will increase the goal to 5000 for the beginning of the year, and then we'll see. Now, on New Year's holidays, the goal is achieved less often, due to quite obvious reasons =)


As for sleeping, everything is more or less accurate here. Usually in the morning I compare the measurements - for example, yes, I fell asleep at 11 pm, at 4am I was woken up by the cats to give them food, drank water, stared out the window at the moon.So, 5 minutes were marked on the chart with an orange color, then I went to bed and woke up at 6.30.

I confess, I don’t control the weight, I can’t bring myself to do it. My body is going through bad times now =) But I will do it!

I can’t say anything about the heart rate monitor - I didn’t check the correctness of the measurements.

In general, I'm very happy with the purchase. I'm got so used to the band that I do not take it off at all! I’m trying to bring some activity into the sedentary lifestyle, as there’s a competitive moment here! So the band definitely motivates for activity!

I really recommend it!!!

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