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Written on Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Pros: bright band option, much-functional, sedentary alerts, the design, the price, water resistant, working time
Cons: measurements inaccuracy

Hello everybody!

Today I want to tell you about a very popular gadget - the fitness tracker.

I was thinking very long which one to buy and finally decided to take Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which was very pleasant not only to look at and functional, but also because of its price.


The supply of Xiaomi Mi Band 2:

  • fitness tracker, made in the shape of a capsule
  • original bund
  • USB charger
  • manual instruction

A first, we bought the tracker for me, but my husband liked it so much, that in a month and a half, we’ve already bought the same one for him.

They both are the same in contents, but the boxes were a bit different in their outer appearance.

The general features of Xiaomi Mi Band 2:

✔ watch

✔ alarm clock

✔ monitoring of the distance walked through the steps counting system

✔ notification of the phone calls and messages

✔ notifications of 5 chosen apps

✔ pulse counting

✔ calories counting

✔ sedentary alerts


I’ll show you a few of them in action:

When your ban is on your wrist, its display is just black. But once you touch the sensor button, you can see the watch appeared.

If to press once again, you’ll see the distance walked. By the way, it’s not always true what it shows, I find it as a small drawback, as the device can count the wave of hand as a step.

If you press the button once more, then there you will see the amount of calories. My husband turned that off.

Press again and you’ll see the pulse counting, and a few seconds later, you’ll see the result on a display. Here the result is always right, as we checked with the tonometer and the results were the same.

On the display you can also see the charging rate. But, I think, the most important thing for me is the messages and phone calls notification. I usually keep my phone in my handbag, and sometimes I just don’t hear somebody’s calling or texting me because of the hustle and bustle of the city. So, I find it very convenient to turn the notifications on, and once somebody’s calling, the band vibrates and there’s a notification that appears on the display.


The display

The gadget has LCD 0.42" OLED display screen with touch button control.

Size (L x W x Grade 10 x 7 x 6

Net Weight : 7g

At the backside of the gadget there’s a heart rate sensor, which helps to count your pulse. When it’s on, there are two green LEDs turned on.

The fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is water resistant, you can swim and not be worried about destroying the gadget. I take it off only when I use cleansing products.

For the three months of using it, I’ve never scratched the display or anything and my tracker looks as though it’s still new.

The battery

The gadget works with the Lipol battery of 70mAh. It works for about a month without charging the battery. It charges fully for a couple of hours, with the charger which was included in the set.

Compatibility with other devices.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is compatible with all the devices on Android 4.4 min and iOS 7.0 minimum. It dialogues through Bluetooth. I’ve got ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser ZE500KL and my band works perfectly well with it.

The app

All the information gathered daily by the fitness tracker you can control on the official App Xiaomi - Mi Fit.

Here you can adjust the features how you want them to.

Once it’s synchronized, the phone screen immediately shows the distance walked, and calories burned.

I find the section with the phases of sleep a very interesting one, as the bracelet displays how many hours you have slept, from what time, and how long the slow and fast sleep lasted.


You can see the average number of steps per day and the distance walked from the day of the purchase of the bracelet.

There’s also information gathered about the heart rates for all the period of having the band.

You can add your friends and watch their activities:)

There are also many other functions you can adjust for yourself. The app stores all the information gathered from the day of the app installed on the smartphone.

The bands. How to tell the fake from the original one?

The bands are made of silicone and you can easily adjust it to the size of your wrist.

For me, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is not only a watch and the motivator to move more, but it’s also an accessory. As, the original black is too boring for me, I ordered some also colorful ones.

I change them, depending on my mood or outfit.

The white bands get dirty very fast. And, it’s almost impossible to wash them off completely. So, just bare it in mind before buying the additional bands.

On the inside of the original band by XIaomi there’s a special code. If there isn’t, it’s a fake.

From all of my bands, there’s a code only on the black one.

Overall, I want to say that, I’m very delighted with the purchase, and I only regret only one thing - that I hadn’t bought Xiaomi Mi Band 2 earlier. As I’ve already said, it’s a great motivator not to sit in one place, move more, and it looks stylish and gathers all the necessary information about fitness and sleep activities.

The device makes it impossible to miss any important call or a message, so, it’s a really great thing.

I definitely recommend buying it!

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