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Written on Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hey everyone!

I love traveling, that’s why I always have a little travel set with my favorite skin care products on hand. Besides, I love taking some swipes instead of makeup removers.

When I saw Clinique Pep-Start swipes I couldn’t help buying it. I was sure that Clinique produced quality towelettes.



Country: USA

Quantity: 50 sturdy clothes

Expiration date: 2 years after unpacking


The pack comes with a small, compact and handy size.

There’s information about the product on the back side. The white top and protective upper lid ensure the product safety.

It’s easy to take one of the swipes. You should just pull at its end, thus the pack won’t give you 10 or 20 wipes at a time which is the case with some cheap swipes.



I was so disappointed by the smell of these towelettes! They smelled of alcohol that is present in the ingredients. I had no idea about it when I bought it.


The wipes are highly saturated with a skin cleansing product, but they are not too wet.

The towelettes are white and sturdy.



Given that I was going to use them as makeup remover, I was totally disappointed. Yeah, they do cleanse your face, provided that you’ve taken all of the makeup off and cleansed your face with an exfoliating cleanser after that. That being said, they won’t replace makeup removers, but only some tonics.

Helps keep skin out of trouble by removing the excess oil, dirt and debris that can clog pores. Smooths skin through mild exfoliation. Instantly moisturizes. Perfect for face, of course, but also neck, chest, upper arms, back. Preps skin for makeup. All skins benefit.

They won’t suit all skin types, because of the large amounts of alcohol. I, personally, avoid such products, as my skin is dry and prone to peeling.


In November I’d been using them for three days after washing my face and removing all the makeup.

I can’t say about some peculiar feelings when using them, except maybe for refreshing sensation due to alcohol. However, I’ve noticed peeling around my nose on the fourth day and decided to put them off. Now when it’s warm outside, I thought that I should try them one more time. The feelings are different now. It's much better.

The wipes are generously-sized and well-saturated. Therefore you can use them not only on your face, but also neck or upper arms, if necessary.

The skin is soft and smooth after towelettes, but don’t expect any deep cleansing from them. You won’t get rid of blackheads for sure. No redness, inflammation, dry patches or oily feeling appeared after using Clinique Pep-Start Cleansing swipes. Thus I conclude that they suit me well when it's warm.

P.S Recently I saw an ad, where a girl was using these swipes after a workout. It means that they were intentioned for this purpose mainly. I don’t play sports and there’s always a cream on my face, so I don’t need these towelettes really Smile



I understand that it was my fault, I should’ve read the purpose of the product more attentively and realized that they are not for makeup removal. They can be used instead for tonic only which is also great.

Why did I give only 3 starts to the product?

The reason is that I had to look for the right approach to it. Moreover, I couldn’t use them in winter because of alcohol content. Plus, they don’t suit every skin type.

All in all, I recommend Clinique Pep-Start Cleansing swipes when all the mentioned is factored in.


I hope you find my review helpful. Feel free to ask me any questions!

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•♥•goldilocks•♥• recommends Clinique Pep-Start Quick Cleansing Swipes

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