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Written on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Right off the bat, I’m totally in love with my previous Freeman mask, so when I saw this product I couldn't help but purchase it! Smile

Here it is. I’ve been testing it for a couple of months now and I want to share my opinion of it. Just so you understand, it’s not my first Freeman mask. I had two of them plus some others which are still in my bathroom Smile

Well, enough with boasting! Laughing out loud Why did I mention them? Smile The reason is that they are all amazing, except for this one…

The manufacturer promises double strength exfoliation, blackhead removal and skin softness. Pretty hopeful, huh? Smile But what is the real result?

1. It exfoliates well enough. See, I didn’t say excellent.The other Freeman products cleansed much better actually. The others also removed blackheads so well!

2. This charcoal mask is pleasant to touch! It also feels interesting when I apply it Smile

3. No smell. It turned out that it can be an advantage after I bought an Indian mask once that had such a disgusting smell.

Still these are made up pros, as the most important thing about the mask is that it should work, otherwise why buy it? What are all these pros for? Well, I understand that not all people think the same way I do.

Let’s list the cons now:

It’s hard to apply, but who knows, maybe there’s something wrong with me! Smile

It’s hard to wash off. No, no, no... I’m not being picky about it, it really is hard to wash off, as some of it stayed on my face and even in my hair!

Anyway, I could’ve ignored this if I hadn’t used more effective masks in the past.

Here are some photos for you to make your own judgement Smile


Swatch and my extremely long nose with a mask.


That’s how you would look at home if you buy this product Smile I’m actually underwhelmed with its color, it’s not brown, but still! Laughing out loud

My experience:

The mask is okay, it scrubs, leaves your skin refreshed and exfoliated a little bit, but as for me, I need a more intense treatment. Girls with soft skin would love it for sure, but others like me with skin full of debris and pollution - won’t. I’m being a little dramatic, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say Smile

P.S. I plan on repurchasing some of the Freeman products aside from this mask.

Wish you the best of everything, girls!

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Type: Facial Mask
Brand: Freeman
Category: Skin Care
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