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Written on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I’ve never experienced such controversial feelings about a product. I think, the mask is really bad! It doesn’t do what it promises! However, there are some pros.

  • Feeling Beautiful Facial Polishing Mask, Charcoal & Black Sugar


I bought it on impulse, because I saw some positive reviews on the Internet.

Outer look

The packaging looks presentable yet somewhat childish with these fruits, leaves and flowers.

The second thing I didn’t like is the writing. Actually, I appreciate much text, but it’s too much even for me! Moreover, I couldn’t figure out what French words are here for. The packaging says it was made in the USA, so why French then?

I bought this product anyway! Smile



The product comes in a super soft packaging. In the photo I compare it with Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner that is good quality. Freeman is obviously a pass. It comes out of the tube easily, even when the mask runs out.

The hole in the lid is good. The mask comes out without fuss and doesn’t leak Smile

However, I have some complaints about the packaging. The product clogs the lid, so that it doesn’t “click” shut properly. It happened right after the first use. I’ve tried to clean it off, but it’s impossible to get rid of all the granules. Well, maybe it is, but it’ll take 10-15 mins I don’t want to spend on such a trifle.

So this “Leaning Tower of Pisa” is still standing in my bathroom.

✔ Texture

The consistency looks like a thick syrup with sugar. It's gray and uneven.

✔ Smell

If I had written my review after the first use, I would definitely give 1 star to the product, because I disliked the smell. It's really off-putting, but that is because I can’t stand some of the ingredients present here. I mean lavender by that. I know about its beneficial properties and I’m sure my skin would love it, but its smell is killing me.

✔ Ingredients:

There are so many healthy ingredients that I wish I could give the mask one more chance.

✔ Impressions:

It applies easily and warms the skin noticeably.

The mask doesn’t travel down my face, except for one day when I went outside to my baby in hot weather and it “melted off”.

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend washing the product off straight away Smile They say you should better massage the face with the mask on first. The feeling is not enjoyable when massaging. It's like if you’re scrubbing polystyrene foam pieces. It’s so disgusting, that I even stopped using the mask for some time.

✔ Blackheads

I'm not sure, if it removes my blackheads, but it obviously makes them less noticeable. However, the effect disappears the next day.


I have no complaints about it, the product treats my skin properly.


The breakouts became less frequent and blackheads less visible, but there’s always stinging and burning on my face when I use it! Besides, my face gets red after the use. It happens because of some ingredients present here.


✔ Peculiarities:

Two peculiar properties I’ve noticed:

It ceases the brewing cold sore. Once I entered the bathroom, looked into the mirror and saw this awful cold sore. I applied the mask to the fever blister and saw that it visually ceased since time.

The mask shrinks my pores. You can also shrink your pores after mechanical cleaning when you need to disinfect your skin.


The product is more like a scrub, so-called two-in-one product. Actually, it’s even 4-in-1 product: scrub, mask, fruit acid peeling and gommage scrub.

It doesn’t dry out my skin, but I still want to apply some cream after. My skin is smooth and velvet-like, but with some reddened areas.

Volume: 150ml

Expiration date: 24 months

I recommend the product, but I won’t buy it again.

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palmero recommends Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Polishing Mask, Charcoal & Black Sugar

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