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Written on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hello there!

Finally I’ve finally given a go to the so hyped and famous Hollywood stars’ product - Glamglow face mask. I’ve read and watched a lot of reviews of this product and I can say the following - this product is extremely controversial. Some people rave about the mask while others sigh and feel sorry for the wasted money. And of course, there’s only one way out to clear out the situation - try the product yourself. Which I actually did and came here with a review.

They say that the Glamglow products are must-haves for Hollywood stars to quickly make their skin as beautiful as possible.

They say that if you apply the product for 15 minutes and then rinse off, the effect will be visible up to three days. All the masks are clay based and retail in big and small jars. Since the reviews are controversial, I advise you to opt for a smaller size so you don't waste your money if the product doesn’t suit you. I bought a 15ml jar for $24.

Even though I liked the product I can say that I won’t buy the full size and I’ll tell you why a little bit later.

The product is exfoliating, as it has acids in the ingredients. It’s of gray-green color with strange textures and a lot of exfoliating particles and leaves. The consistency is rather thick.

THE GREATEST DISADVANTAGE OF THE PRODUCT is that it has huge spending. I thought that my mini would go for at least 5 uses, but even after the first application I almost saw the bottom of the jar, taking into consideration the fact that I applied the product with the thinnest layer as possible.

Pay attention that not all the masks by the brand have such a huge spending. The orange one, for example, still looks brand new after the first use.

After I apply the product on, I feel it tingling my skin a bit. But the tingling disappears within a couple of minutes which I’m very happy about. My skin is sensitive and I was really afraid that I would get red skin after the mask. But my worries were absolutely in vain.

They advise to wash the product off 10 minutes after application. But I did it the following way: I spritzed my face with water and then started scrubbing my skin with those exfoliating particles and bits of the leaves. Even while washing my face I already felt that my skin was smooth and silky to the touch. I’ve never had a scrub affect my skin this way.

And now, the most important, the effect and result:

My skin isn’t in its best condition now. Even though I don’t have any serious wrinkles, my skin has pigmentation and uneven skin color. My pores are enlarged and the relief is also uneven.

After the mask my skin is smooth, the pores are smaller, the skin color is even and in general its condition is way better.

I like the effect this product has on my skin BUT it’s so uneconomical. I think I won’t buy the full-size. I hope that this mini will be enough for 1 more time :)Thanks for your attention!

I hope that my review was useful! Smile

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Vikky_Beautyholic recommends Glam Glow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask

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