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Written on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

For several years, I’ve been looking for a holy grail face wash and makeup remover.


During this time, I’ve tried numerous products from various segments and even have my favorites now. But like every woman, I’m always eager to try out something new. Therefore, my shelves are getting filled with foams, gels, and oils every month.


After reading many positive reviews, I ordered this cleansing gel. You can find my impressions below.




  • Made by Kiehl's
  • Range: Ultra Facial
  • Price: about $10 for the smaller tube
  • Weight: 75 ml in a travel-size tube and there are also 150 ml in the full-size


For all skin types.


Let's start with my skin type. I have dry skin with an occasional rash. In winter my skin is rough and scaly. Thus, I need a gentle, but powerful cleanser.


My wishes and my hopes have not come true and I'll tell you why. In general, the products of Kiehl's are controversial for me. There are definitely some good products like Ultra Facial Tonic, Ultra Facial Moisturizing Mask, Masks with acids and also cleansing oils. But there are also fails like this gel.


Before the purchase, I had the opportunity to try it (I had a trial copy), it seemed more or less bearable. But as it turned out later, it was a total disappointment.


First, I would like to mention that the formula of the gel is extremely viscous. I did not like it immediately because it was hard to apply. The gel barely lathers. And with such a consistency, I can not understand how much I need. The packaging of the gel is ok.


The gel is pearly. The scent is ok and does not cause any negative feelings.



The ingredients:



Now to the most important point: how does the Ultra Facial Cleanser cleanse my skin?


May I have your attention please? The answer is - awfully! My makeup is quite ordinary: BB cream, mascara, rouge, eyebrow pomade, lipstick or lip gloss … It does remove my BB creams, but there is a huge problem with my mascara.


I’ll show this on my hand. But as it turned out, the mascara was easier to remove from my eyes than from my hand. Please believe me: the Ultra Facial Cleanser does not remove mascara as well as eyebrow pomade.


There are Clarins BB cream, mascara, eyebrow pomade and lipstick on my hand:


After applying Ultra Facial Cleanser onto dry skin:


Add some water. As we can see, the eyebrow pomade and the lip tint stay where they were.


I would also like to point out that this gel caused an irritation and an uncomfortable feeling on my eyes. That's a big disadvantage for me!


There were only a few cleansers in my life that removed everything at once, including mascara, and I expected a better result from Kiehl's.


You might think, ok, no matter that it does not remove makeup ... Maybe it’s not supposed to? ... But they claim that it is:

Ultra Facial Cleanser thoroughly cleanses skin and removes makeup without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils. It dissolves excess oil, dirt, and debris, and is pH-balanced to maintain skin's natural balance.


But the main problem is that it dries out my skin shamelessly and leaves it feeling tight. After cleaning, you really have to apply a toner and cream.


I have cleaned my face with the FOREO facial cleansing brush and without it. I applied the gel to dry and wet skin - the result was always the same. Also, the gel is hard to wash out. No matter what it does, it is a disappointment!


What do we have now? My makeup is not removed, and my skin is dry, rough and flaky.


I liked other products from the line, but not this one!


Conclusion: not recommended, especially (!) for dry skin!

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Cyaanea doesn't recommend Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

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Type: Cleanser
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