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Written on Friday, June 29, 2018

Do you like long-lasting fragrances with high sillage and fruity notes? Or maybe you prefer perfumes that attract attention everywhere you go?

Welcome to my review, then.


To begin with, I didn’t even plan to buy this perfume, because the reviews of it were controversial, and the fragrance itself didn’t impress me when I tested it on a scent strip. I smelled a mediocre fruity fragrance, with strawberry and cream. Just an okay perfume when you want it sweet and candy-like.

As it turned out, there were so many similar fragrances out there and I wasn’t eager to spend my money on another average scent. However, I ended up buying this very bottle with a huge discount, and that’s when I fell in love with it. Yeah, I’m not one of those who find this fragrance suffocating. This very composition is now my favorite, or even probably only one option for cozy summer evenings.

But first things first.

Country of origin: Spain

The perfume is available in 30, 50 and 80 ml. The design depends on the size. The least impressive design has the least amount. I’m okay with that, though.

Price: the fragrances cost me half its full price, which is $27.

Design: First we see a white cardboard box with golden lettering and pretentious words one can’t pass by.

As for me, I think it’s not the kind of fragrance for party girls. But it depends.Let’s open the box:

There is this transparent futuristic glass bullet with a gold cap.

It looks classy and tasteful, and the only minus is that you can’t make it stand on your dressing table.

But I can turn a blind eye to it, as I store my perfumes in their boxes.

The sprayer works great. Bigger versions are all in gold and look more luxurious, but I prefer the transparent bottle since I like to know how much is left.Notes:


  • Rum,
  • Tonka,
  • Gardenia,
  • Vanilla,
  • Musk,
  • Passion fruit


What I smell: the very first notes are like an explosion of fruits and rum! Very sweet, exotic and ripe fruits plus soft rum. The kind of rum they add to baked stuff and chocolate balls. It’s nice, but the real miracle happens only when the passion fruit and rum fade, and vanilla and musky gardenia step up. These very undertones were impossible to smell on the blotter.

Party in a noisy city?

No, I’d rather associate the fragrance with a quite and cozy evening in an open air cafe at seaside, with fruit ice cream and a liquor cocktail. It’s breeze, summer, fires dancing on water surface, quiet music, flowers and never ending happiness.


Many reviewers said this is a winter fragrance, but personally I prefer to wear it in summer. There is a chance it will suffocate you and those around you (which, actually, any scent but deodorant can do), but the fragrance is amazing when worn in the evening. One has to measure out the perfect amount, though. Two sprays, and you just relax. After a rain, and if a salty breeze blows, I’m just crazy about this fragrance!

These nights of summer are with me, even in the dark and cold winter, as pieces of memories I want to live again.

Longevity and sillage. Simply great. This is the kind of fragrance to stick to you from dusk to dawn. And the sillage is so beautiful and’s just undescribable.


My rating: 5 stars. This fragrance will always be in my collection.

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