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Written on Monday, June 25, 2018
Pros: definitely sophisticated, elegant, expressive, sensitive, feminine and rich, fresh, gentle, gorgeous aroma, intense and noble aroma, light, luxurious, staying power

As always, after reading a lot of raving reviews of this perfume, I decided to test it myself and even probably buy it. But the first store that I visited didn’t have testers of this aroma. I didn’t want to buy it without sniffing, because there are too many bottles of disappointment that were waiting for me at home. I headed for the other store and finally, the lucky star was there! I sniffed this perfume and I was blown away. Smile


Some people say that it’s a berry-like, currant, blackberry, raspberry smell of some fruit burst and juiciness. But there was actually something different waiting for me in that bottle. The aroma seemed to be also beautiful, restrained and feminine at the same time. It was such a surprise for me!

That very day I bought the 30ml bottle of this perfume for me.


A companion to the original Eau de Parfum, Eau de Parfum II is a soft, fruity floral that sparkles with notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, violet, and blackberry, smoothed with jasmine, heliotrope, and cedarwood. Playful, yet elegant.


This is how it actually looks like. The pink cover box looks pretty simple, while the bottle with the liquid is made of thick glass with a plastic top cap. For the most part the design of the product is moderate, yet feminine.

The aroma of the product, as I’ve already described above, is not like a fruit jam or sweet or strange. This perfume isn’t sweet or luscious. It’s really elegant and sophisticated.


I want to compare it with a fruit ice and blackberry to describe its notes right. Or maybe it’s currant- or raspberry-like. This is that very fruit ice that you take out of a freezer and inhale the frosty smell of berry molecules. This is how the Gucci perfume smells like.

2. The aroma is “cool” and it feels like it makes me feel refreshed and not suffocated. This perfume isn’t sour at all. I guess that all the coolness is gained here thanks to the cedar notes. Such an unusual mixture. It doesn’t smell like a fruit juice on the skin, it’s something more unique and complicated!

Out of all the notes, the blackberry is the most standing out of course. It doesn't feel synthetic, but really natural, taken from the woods.

Cedar, which gives that very cool note to the perfume, is actually a note of fresh forest air, the tartness of a currant leaf, stretched in the palms, and musk. I feel it very well.


And now some words about the staying power and compliments. Smile

The perfume is summer-like. It’ll be such a great gulp of freshness in the summer. Perfection! Though some people use it in spring, fall and even in winter. As for me, I can’t make it out in spring. I mean the aroma doesn’t open up when it’s cold and lies very lingering over my skin. While in summer it really blossoms! It becomes long-wearing, beautiful with an amazing sillage! The aroma is no way haunting, it doesn’t irritate me and feels like I’m ready to follow its sillage forever. Smile

The staying power is about 8 hours on my skin and up to 2 days on my clothes.

The price for the 50ml bottle is $98.

This perfume is really versatile. It’ll be ideal to wear for the job, walks, for nice evenings, for a restaurant, as well as summer cafes and vacation. It won’t ever make anybody fed up with it or suffocating. Smile You can wear it with a cocktail dress, your stilettos, formal dress, as well as with jeans and a T-shirt! Smile

It’s absolutely versatile for everybody, for all ages and occasions! :)I recommend it! Wink

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Enkarnita recommends Gucci Eau de Parfum II

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