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Written on Friday, August 3, 2018

Hi everyone! I haven’t written new reviews of perfumes for a while so I forgot how to do it.

There are scents for special occasions, for specific moods and seasons...And there are scents beyond all this. The scents that are perfectly versatile. Coco Mademoiselle is one of them.

Earlier I used to think that Chanel is overhyped and overpriced and there are cheaper alternatives to their products. But then I met Coco.

At first, the bottle seems to be plain and cheap, like a cologne. But once I put my hands on it, I immediately changed my mind.


The bottle is nice to hold and it’s beautiful in its simplicity. But its content is much more important:

Top notes: orange, bergamot, grapefruitHeart notes: Lychee, Rose, Italian JasmineBase notes: Patchouili, White Musk, Vetiver, Vanilla

For me, the perfume is more citrus-y, it opens so fresh in the first minutes. But when it settles down, noble flowery notes appear and intertwine so beautifully that it’s hard to sense something in particular. The aroma attracts with its sweet citrus sillage, while a bit of bitterness adds a certain spice to it. I cannot smell any vanilla notes, which I’m happy about because it’s not something I appreciate in fragrances.

There are some myths about this fragrance which I want to refute.

Some people say that Mademoiselle does not correspond to its name and is more suitable for mature women. I totally disagree. Coco is more like the state of mind. Even though it’s a chypre fragrance, it’s not cologne-like. I can totally imagine a young woman wearing it, but she must be sophisticated and beautiful (and I don’t mean appearance).

The second myth: the fragrance is heavy. Absolutely not! My skin is hot and some smells seem unfamiliar on it. For example, fresh woody scents may seem more sweet etc. But my skin is so in harmony with Coco! I want to dance with it and sense this beautiful sillage over and over!

The sillage is amazing and infinite, delicate and sparky.

The fragrance is versatile and I wear it regardless of season or time of the day. It makes me so self-confident, friendly, smiling and attractive!

I never met anyone who hates this perfume. My hubby always pays me a compliment whenever I wear this perfume.


I think the fragrance is for every season, but it smells especially gorgeous when it’s cold.

Now to the saddest part, which is the price. Keep in mind that the original fragrance cannot be cheap.

Of course, there are so many fakes, so remember that the pump must be matte white, the batch number that is engraved near the bottle base, must be thin and barely visible. The bottle base of the real Chanel Coco is thin, while the counterfeit bottoms are thick. Anyway, there are many guides online where you can compare real and fake fragrances.

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-PeneLopa- recommends Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

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