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Written on Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Pros: gorgeous perfume, rich
Cons: it doesn’t have any

Hello dear girls!

This review is very special for me, as it’s about perfume.

As any scent is a small life for me, that I live through from one day to another, once I applied a small drop of perfume. Or I recollect some particular moments in my life.


La Vie Est Belle by Lancome isn’t connected with any special moments of my life, as I’ve just recently bought it. For me, this perfume is present day and not nostalgia for the past.



Why did I buy it? You’ll laugh, but I liked the commercial. I saw Julia, whom I don’t like actually, but in the video she seemed to me so beautiful, so charming, just stunning that I decided to buy this beautiful bottle. My logic worked that way - the perfume must be as gorgeous as Julia Roberts in the commercial.

But actually, it was a bit different.



The perfume turned out to be even more beautiful, gorgeous, interesting and richer than I expected. I’m in love.


This perfume will be perfect if you’re tired of berry scents, different citrus mixtures and stupefying oriental notes. If you feel like a queen and want to show and prove it everyday, you need it. Or if you just want sparkling, real, genuine happiness and a high-day!

I would name it - My Sparkling Happiness and The Life is Beautiful, of course.


So, my perfume is of 50 ml bottle

The first time the perfume was released in 2012


The Pyramid of the scent:

Top notes: Pear, black currant

Heart notes: Iris, orange blossom, jasmine

Base notes: Praline, vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli


The scent longevity is great.

One spray, and you’ll feel it till the very evening. At the same time I don’t feel that it’s strong or repulsive. Even scent which opens fully with time and plays on my skin, clothes, hair. Should I say that the perfume is extremely economical? I don’t know about Eau de Toilette, but Eau de Parfum is like I described it.

The sillage is very warm, it cuddles my mind and body.

There’s nothing suffocating or chasing in it. I'm very scared of obsessive smells, I mean those you want to run away from, wash them off and get rid as soon as possible. Also I’m very afraid of the headache caused by perfume scents. So, fortunately, there’s nothing like this in La Vie.

And now let’s talk about the perfume Pyramid.


The first is Iris. You won’t confuse it with anything else. It plays, sparkles, puts sweet notes in this perfume.


The second is Pear. Sugar Pear, I’d say. Sweet and fleshy.


The third goes orange, orange syrup for me. Sweet but not too much.

Many people consider this scent as SWEET, but I wouldn’t say that. It’s more like DAINTY. It’s tasty, dainty and devilishly seductive. It’s not sugary sweet, it’s some kind of, you know, delicious and even luxurious. But not candy, no.


La Vie Est Belle by Lancome can’t be compared with anything else, as its sweetness is sophisticated, luxurious and a bit confectionery. Like Sugary Iris.


The bottle. Oh, it’s difficult to describe it, you need to feel it in your hands, feel its charm and heaviness. It reminds me of a piece of ice with purple scarf on, which I’m very scared to drop on the floor because of its heaviness. But this piece of ice is very pretty:) And the perfume itself has a gentle-peach shade.


About age:

I think you can wear this perfume when you study at university or getting ready to get pension payments, as La Vie by Lancome doesn’t set up any age limits.

Really, I can imagine this perfume on a student-girl, as well as on a middle-aged woman. It’ll suit them both. Not every perfume can be so universal.


How to wear and what to wear it with…

Wear it when you want to be loved (I mean always). I’m not joking!

Despite the difficult scent composition, you can spray this perfume when you wear a sweatshirt, as well as an evening dress. With jeans, white fur coat - it’s just good everywhere. I've checked:)

It doesn’t arouse great and immediate desire in me to wear high heels. It suites to flats as well.

But you shouldn’t spray it too much, but this rule applies not only to La Vie, but to any perfume. And, of course, don’t buy it without testing before, taking into the consideration that the perfume’s not cheap Smile



Scent longevity, sillage, joy and sparkles of happiness - this is all about La Vie Est Belle!!!


And finally, if to touch upon the theme of the association, I’d say that for me, this perfume is more dark evening in a cozy wooden house, in a deer sweater, plaid and fireplace, rather than pathos advent in public. This is how I see this Life, and smell:)

Thank you for being with me and for “listening” my favorite perfume:) And what’s yours?


And remember that Life is Beautiful - with your favorite perfume or without it!



P.S. Today I tried the perfume again and felt the black currant note. It’s definitely presented here and there’s a lot of it. So I add a new photo Smile


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Marea Calda recommends Lancome La Vie Est Belle

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