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Written on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hi, dear readers!

Actually, I love buying new perfumes. But my wishlist was full, and I managed to get this one only a year ago, even though it was launched in 2014. But it’s better late than never Smile

The Velvet Orchid is a very famous perfume and I bet you know it already. But despite it being popular, I rarely smell it on those around me.

Plus, its price is reasonable, when compared to others.

The Velvet Orchid is an oriental floral scent.

It’s available as eau de toilette and eau de perfume, in 50 ml or 100 ml.


Looking at this perfume, you know right away that it’s Tom Ford. This bottle has been designed for the Black Orchid exclusively, but then they started launching other perfumes in similar designs. Only the color of the glass differs, it also can be matte or transparent, depending on the perfume.

The Velvet Orchid has a half-transparent bottle made of purple glass. The purple is so rich that it looks almost black, but if you look at it against the light, you’ll see its transparency and true color, as well as the level of the perfume in the bottle.

On the front side of the bottle we can find a golden nameplate.

There is no trace of glue on it.

A golden thread enlaces the bottleneck.

The cap is made of plastic, with a relief pattern.

The sprayer is also golden, without any letters or anything.

The Velvet Orchid includes rich interesting notes.


Top Notes

    • Italian bergamot,

    • Mandarin,

    • Rum succan absolute,

    • Honey

  • Heart Notes

    • Jasmine,

    • Turkish rose,

    • Cattleva leopoldii orchid,

    • Black orchid,

    • Orange blossom,

    • Moroccan rose,

    • Heliotropin,

    • Magnolia,

    • Jonquil,

    • Hyacinth

  • Base notes

    • Labdanum,

    • Sandalwood,

    • Peru balsam,

    • Myrrh,

    • Suede,

    • Comoro island vanilla


My impressions:


I think there is a certain resemblance between this and the Black Orchid, and yet the Velvet Orchid is totally self-sufficient. Well, I apply one, or max. 2 sprays.

In the beginning, the Velvet Orchid smells sweet and floral, very rich, and there is something peculiar about it, like in the case with the Black Orchid too.

The sweetness isn’t sickly, it’s rather intense and intoxicating, maybe because of the rum. In the first minutes after the application, the perfume flowers like giant buds of a deadly predator orchid. This hot and viscous smell fills the air all around you, aggressively, and at the same time hypnotically.

Gradually, it opens up and becomes flowery and a bit powdery. It becomes softer and velvety, as though playing with you, turning from the drunk rum orchid to the soft and feminine flowers in its heart notes. It’s more lingering and sweet on the skin, and powdery-flowery on the clothes.

I love how it opens up on the skin after a couple of hours, when it comes to heart notes. The Velvet Orchid starts smelling incredibly beautiful. It’s somewhat similar to Allure Sensuelle with the same smokey and powdery smell, dense like a thick fog. It envelopes you and you disappear, dissolve in these sweet soft clouds.

Lasting power on my skin: up to 10 hours. On my clothes, it’s a few days, but the scent is light and pale on fabric.

The sillage isn’t long. It’s more a scent for yourself, than for those around you. But it can be smelled from a small distance throughout the whole day.

Style: Elegant and feminine. With the Velvet Orchid, I want to wear a dress, beautiful shoes and I want to stop worrying.

Where to wear it: Anywhere. This perfume doesn’t distract me at work. On the contrary, it makes the whole process more joyful.Smile The Velvet Orchid is okay as a day fragrance, but it is perfect for evening.

Season: I wear it when it’s cold. It’s so great in the winter! I’ll try to wear it in the summer too, but as a perfume junkie, I find it hard to choke on a perfume.

Summary: It’s very beautiful and worth a try. It’s Tom Ford, after all.

Thanks for reading this! See ya!

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