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Written on Thursday, November 2, 2017


If you know something about dry shampoos, you are definitely familiar with Batiste. I have no complaints about their dry shampoos, they are cool. But the instant conditioner turned out to be a complete disappointment. I’ve been trying and trying to deal with it, but my patience has its limits.


Price: £7.77

Volume: 200ml.

Made in the UK.


Product description:

Instant Conditioner- A lightweight conditioning spray that instantly strengthens and restores hair from root to tip, no water needed! Keratin penetrates directly onto the hair shaft to tame frizz and flyaways revealing a soft, smooth, sleek finish. Extra care wherever and whenever you need it.

Outer appearance:

A long and narrow tin can which is easy to hold. The design is pretty good.

On the backside of the can you can find the list of ingredients as well as the main product information.


Thanks to the ribbed surface of the button, my finger doesn’t slip from it. The button doesn’t stick, the spray is wide, like that of the dry shampoo.

Texture and fragrance:

When you shake the can you can hear that it contains liquid. The conditioner itself is white and smells of alcohol. The smell is pretty strong, plus the overwhelming sweet fragrance lasts on my hair.

How to use:

It’s super easy to use: shake the can and spray the conditioner onto your hair from 30 cm. Avoid spraying it onto the roots. After that, comb your hair through and style it.The conditioner must be applied onto dry hair only. Due to the alcohol, it’s not recommended to use it often.

So, what we have:

Greasy hair, which I haven’t washed for three days.

I sprayed the instant conditioner onto my hair. I tried to cover the whole length. The hair has become wet and separated into several strands.

I combed my hair through and let them dry.

As a result, my hair looks extremely greasy as though I haven’t washed it for 10 days! It’s neither soft nor shiny. Plus the fragrance is so annoying!

Luckily, the instant conditioner hasn’t made my hair hard or brittle, but it hasn’t made it healthy-looking either. I’m glad that at least it hasn’t destroyed my hair. But I don’t recommend you to buy this instant conditioner, it’s just a waste of money.

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Type: Conditioner
Brand: Batiste
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