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Written on Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Pros: it doesn’t tingle my scalp, shiny and beautiful hair, the texture remains fine
Cons: price

Hello there!

In this review I’m going to share my thoughts on a demi-permanent hair color of mine, no, I’ll sing praises to it, because the Goldwell Colorance is really very close to being the perfect product!

I don’t want to lumber my post with too much info here, because you can easily find a lot of it online.

I’ll tell and show you only about the results, which might be helpful for those who can’t decide which hair color to opt for.

A few words about my hair: it’s thin, straight and the third of it (which isn’t too damaged) is bleached with the Barex Permesse color and the rest (which is damaged) is bleached with the help of the Selective Professional Mild Blond bleaching powder.

I’ve already had a chance to give a shot to:

  • 10BS (beige-silver),

  • 10V (pastel violet blonde)

  • 10BP (Pearly Couture Extra Blonde)

  • 10P (pastel pearl blonde)


Here’s what hair color that I initially have, which I need to tone:

natural/electric lights
natural/electric lights

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the picture of the 10BS shade, since I hadn’t pictured it.

I also tried to follow the 10BP (15g) + 10V (15g) formula, but I wasn’t impressed with the results, because the color looked muddy then. I didn’t want to take photos of that crap, so I don’t have anything to show you.

The results after the use of the pure 10BP color:

The results after the use of the 10V alone:

- daylight:

day light
day light

- artificial light:

artificial light
artificial light

I like the shade 10V most of all, because it shows the coolest undertones to my hair.

The formula 10BS+10V (1:1)

Here’s the result on my hair after the use of the products 10BS (15g) + 10V (15g). I also used a hair conditioner, I dried it with a blow dried and brushing. No leave-in products.

artificial light
artificial light

day light
day light

The results don’t look impressive for me, because the color correction doesn’t seem to be enough here.

My all time fave still remains the 10V alone.

The shade 10P alone (here you can see my hair after the use of a hair mask, it’s dried with a blow dred and brushing. No leave-in products were used):

- artificial lights/with a flash:

artificial light / flash light
artificial light / flash light
- natural light (depending on the amount of light, closer/further the color looks different):

close-up / from afar
close-up / from afar

My thoughts: I didn’t like the shade 10P as it is, because, again, it doesn’t color correct my hair color well. It somehow looks like the shade 10BS pure, but still it lacks pearl, no matter how strange it might sound! I won’t use it this way anymore.


Thanks for your attention to my post! I hope that you found it informative! Smile

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ALenaKan recommends Goldwell Colorance Demi-Permanent Hair Color

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