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Written on Monday, December 17, 2018

Two years ago, an idea crossed my mind - I wanted to dye my hair vivid colors. I had had bright highlights before (I wonder how I managed to restore my hair after all those purple experiments)


But I wanted more ... My sanity told me to find a good product for it. So I searched for something really great for 6 months.


My demands on the hair dye were:


  • It must wash off completely (or at least, decently)
  • should be well visible on dark blond hair (I didn’t want to bleach my hair beforehand)
  • did no harm to my hair
  • must be easy to use
  • and reasonably priced


And so after a long search I found Punky Color.


But at that moment, I did not want to dye my hair completely anymore, so I bought a single jar with Midnight Blue:


The first highlight was applied by my granny, but after a month it was already gone without a trace. There is no photo of it left.


Then I decided to take the brush in my own hands and create it. That's the result:


I did my best to preserve my hair color: I washed my hair with cold water, did not use any hair dryer, curling iron or anything else and did not use any hair treatments. I lived with such hair for a month. Then, of course, the color started fading and in a month it turned dirty green. Not that I wasn’t prepared, because what else could one expect from blue in the mix with my natural color?


But Halloween was coming, and I wanted something new. I ordered two more colors Violet and Turquoise.

So I used all three colors to create this:


My parents were shocked and I was thrilled. Later, I found that the purple color disappears from my hair, but the blue turned green again.


After another month, I wanted to do something with my hair again Laughing out loud

I went to the sea side and did my best to protect the color from sun and water, but I didn’t always succeed This is what my hair looked like on vacation:



Then I left my hair alone for 3 months and the color disappeared (except for the green which lasted for more than a year).


Then spring came and I wanted change. So I took the violet color and made me new highlights:

As I said, the violet disappeared without a trace And it was almost summer, I couldn’t bear a summer without vivid highlights. Two more colors were ordered:

The pink color was good, but the spontaneously ordered yellow gave me no peace. Yellow turned green. Luckily I only did a little hidden strand as a test. I thought maybe I should have bleached my hair first.

I colored my hairline (with the help from my boyfriend). I have no photos but this:


Then there was nothing left:

I’ve made up my mind and decided to lighten my hair for the very first time in my life. With what? With an ordinary hair bleach, of course!

The result shocked me, hm, how am I supposed to describe it without using bad words?

The green from my previous hair coloring reappeared!

Anyway, I had no doubt that I would be satisfied with the vividness of the final coloring. My hands were shaking as I was preparing 7 dyes to use at once:


No, didn’t buy any new color. The red color was created by mixing Flamingo Pink and Bright Yellow. And the green color was made from Turquiose and Bright Yellow.


Now my parents have learned what a real shock is Laughing out loud


And before going to the sea, I refreshed my beautiful highlights:


After a week of swimming and diving in the salt water and then a month of regular hair washes I got this:


I bleached the yellow strands:


And it became so stained ...


That's my current look but that's not the last time I experimented with my hair Smile




  • The color has a fine viscous consistency like gouache, which is an advantage for home coloring
  • convenient packaging
  • pleasant smell
  • lasts long (no can has been emptied yet)
  • cheap
  • it doesn’t damage my hair.


The only thing I hate is that my freshly colored hair leave stains on towels, pajamas and pillowcases.

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