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Written on Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Pros: moisture, shine

I’m head over heels with the Paul Mitchell brand.

I started to use the professional hair care very recently (unfortunately).

My hair has always been frizzy and really dry, but from 2012 I started to grow it. I didn’t succeed because it didn’t grow fast and my hair still looked dried out. At that time I used to use really harsh hair colors, because I had no idea that such demi-permanent products existed, as well as the professional hair care stuff. And the only thing that seemed to be helpful for me was coconut oil.

My natural hair has always been straight, which I hate, because it always looks like straws sticking out, even after I cut it.

Now it looks much better, thanks to the professional products and of course to the Paul Mitchell color. I bought a lot of it some time ago, but now I know that they changed the formula.

(I’ve been using the 6% HLP for year now and the color with it looks pure blond. I also appreciate my hair condition. It happened only once when I left the color on my hair for longer and ended up with too dried out baby hairs near my face.)


In my hair, the shades 9V and 9BV somehow show a darker and dirtier shade, but my mum used the same hair color with 12% HLP, because her hair is thicker and darker and she always has a dope result. 9V looks amazing on her hair.

My hair is soft and moisturized after this product. (I can remember that my mum said that she’s never had such soft hair in her life after dyeing). All in all, I stocked her with this hair color for a year. It’s been six months since she started using this product and she’s utterly happy, because the product really works wonders.

As for my hair, I still keep on experimenting with Kolestone and PM shines. The first product stays on longer and gives a shine boost, but it’s always a pain to find my color available.

This is why I come back to the Shines option from time to time. Recently I bought the 9Y shade (Goldie locks) to blend it with the 9V shade to cancel out that nasty dark pigment.

my hair BEFORE
my hair BEFORE

My hair BEFORE. It’s a tad wet, because I washed it with a shampoo and a conditioner. You know, I can’t say that I hated the BEFORE color of my hair. It didn’t look yellow or brazen, because I dyed it with Kolorance 3 weeks before with the shade 10BA (my hair had too much cool undertones).

My hair AFTER 9V +9Y PM Shines
My hair AFTER 9V +9Y PM Shines
This was also the very moment when I dyed my roots, so now it doesn’t fully match the rest of my hair. And yeah, the Paul Mitchell Forever Blond hair conditioner also cools the tone down a little. So, this is why I love blending the 9Y and 9V together. All that I have to do is to add a little bit of a warm tone there, so as not to make my hair look too dark, which constantly used to happen with the pure 9V pigment, let alone the 9BV. Well, for me, it isn’t a perfect demi-permanent hair color. But, my mother is in love with it.
my little bottles
my little bottles
Each time I visit her, I can’t get enough of her hair, it looks so gorgeous. (I want to highlight it once again - we have completely different hair types).
My hair AFTER 9V +9Y PM Shines
My hair AFTER 9V +9Y PM Shines

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Alfasirius recommends Paul Mitchell PM Shines Demi Permanent Hair Color

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