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Written on Friday, July 6, 2018


Bright hair has been trendy for a few seasons now, and cosmetic brands struggle to make money off it. Countless hair dyes come out to satiate our thirst to all new and bright.

However, sometimes these dyes turn out to be of bad quality. Sometimes I find myself using products far from harmless, such as Colorista Spray 1 Day.

Price: $9

I bought this garbage last year when I was thinking of dyeing my hair pink, but postponed it.

I was attracted by the promise that the spray washes out after first shampooing, as I was afraid to use permanent hair colors. I wanted pink hair, like a piggy.

Directions and before \ after photos can be found on the bottle.

In these photos, the result was bright, but you have to put a lot of effort into application to achieve it, or accept the fact that the result doesn’t depend on you.

There is this thin spraying nozzle:

The spray contains shimmer particles:

After I washed the dye off my hand, I saw a red aching spot, which is nothing less than a chemical burn. It disappeared the next day. I know that hair is made of dead cells but it doesn’t mean that such aggressive dyes won’t damage it. It’s hard to prevent the spray from getting onto the skin.

So I’d recommend to make sure that the spray wouldn’t get into your eyes.

Now to the process of dyeing. The spray is from vivid and rich, and therefore it is barely visible on my hair (I tried to do highlights):

I know you may think I’m clumsy. I’ve punished myself for this already, when trying to spray my hair properly, but I couldn’t save the situation, despite all my efforts. The spray applied unevenly with gaps, and got everywhere but my hair: onto clothes, skin, eyes and nose. I couldn’t turn this mess into proper highlights, and as a result, I looked like a color festival enthusiast. Spotty and weird.

I thought my light hair would be a great base for this hair color...Nope. You can achieve a truly bright result only if you are blonde, short-haired and ready to spend the whole bottle at once - which I did, by the way, as there was nothing left. I feel sorry for those dark-haired girls deceived by the photos on the bottle.I can also grumble about my hair condition after this spray. It turned into straw, as though I never used any hair conditioner in my life!

Everything around you will be pink and shimmery. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning my bathroom. The shimmer particles fall out everywhere, even on my hair brush:...or hands:

Also, after I’ve combed my hair through after the first hair wash, I saw the same pink shimmer on my brush. It’s funny: you see no shimmer on your hair anymore, but it is there.

A rich hair treatment couldn’t restore my hair.

By combing your hair, you can vary the intensity of the color, if you want a dry and colorless pile of straw as your hair.

All in all, this coloring spray was just a headache and a waste of money. Now you know what to present your enemies with. Let them struggle with the spray, make their hair dry and spend a lot of time cleaning up their apartment.

And I can only say to this spray: no, no and no!

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