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Written on Monday, June 25, 2018

Hi everyone,

Recently I came across a hair mask that I bought at Sephora when I was looking for something in my drawer. At that moment I thought that it was high time to try it out. It was available in 4 different options and I purchased them all. So, today I’ll start with the Rose Hair Sleeping Mask.

Price: $5

Country: China

The mask is meant for a single use, which is very good. Thus you can understand if it does any good to your hair or not.

The mask comes in a pretty big bright-pink package.

It contains rose oil in the ingredients, that’s why it’s so bright and has roses on it.

There is an abundance of information about the product, its properties, ingredients and directions to use.

Upon opening I noticed that the package is divided into 2 parts. The one had a cap and the other the mask itself.

Surprisingly the cap is of good quality. Plus, it has cute pictures. For me, it doesn’t look like a single use cap.

The mask has a slightly milky shade and the texture is pretty thick.

The scent is enjoyable, but it doesn’t smell like a rose. It smells more like a nice perfume. The scent is neither overpowering nor irritating.

According to the manufacturer the mask has to be applied overnight before going to sleep. After spreading it out properly on the hair, you are to put on a cap and go to sleep. In the morning you should wash it off and be happy with the results.

But this way is not for me. So, I decided to use it during the daytime.

In the pictures you can see my hair immediately after applying the mask…

After application I made a bun and put on a cap…

I’ve been wearing the mask with a cap for 4 hours, which is a lot for me.

After that it washed off effortlessly. It’s noteworthy that it didn’t dry on my hair, but stayed a tad dewy within all 4 hours.

After I removed it, I used a towel and let it dry naturally. I prefer not using a blow dryer in the spring and summer.

After it dried out completely I was really positively surprised to find my hair smooth and soft. Not a hair stuck every which way.

My hair was really shiny as if after a salon treatment.

My hair tips should not look greasy after a hair mask. This is extremely important for me, because it was very often an issue with hair masks and conditioners I used before…

Just take a look at the results and you’ll know why I’m raving about this product…

To sum up:

  • The mask is only meant for a single use, which is very convenient.

  • The cap is included, so you don’t have to go and look for any extra caps.

  • It has a nice scent.

  • Sufficient for a single use for medium length hairstyle. If your hair is long, grab 2 masks.

  • Spreads out on my hair and washes off easily.

  • My hair looks awesome, glowy and lively after use. Also, it’s nice to the touch and manageable.

  • I washed my hair only 5 days after this mask and I noticed that it was still pretty and beautiful.

  • It didn’t cause any allergies or irritations.

Well, I can definitely recommend it to everyone who wants glowy and lively hair.

The product is affordable and no doubt worthy. I hope that the other masks of the range won’t disappoint me either.

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Love-is recommends Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask

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