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Written on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I’ve been dyeing my hair for 15 years now and I think this hair dye is better than those from L’Oreal or even Goldwell.


My problem is premature graying, so I need a permanent and intense coloring.


The chemical coloring isn’t beneficial for you hair. The better quality the dye is, the greater the interval between colorings. My natural hair color is somewhat between 6 and 5 levels. For the coloring I choose the natural shades, like those of 5 or 4 color levels..


To over-dye gray hair, one must use hair dyes with a high ammonia content, because the hair structure in this case is very different from the natural color or light blond hair. Therefore, it is difficult to choose those dyes that have a gentle effect on the hair and provide a stable color.


Wella Koleston, as an ammonia-containing hair color, kept the balance in effect on both gray and porous hair.

Product promises:

Koleston Perfect, the professional hair product that sets the standard for expertise and creativity in hair colour.Trusted daily in over 100,000 salons worldwide to deliver predictable colour results and supreme hair care thanks to our highest quality ingredients.Contains up to 25% conditioning agents and lipids for care and gentle-on-hair results.Endorsed by the Institute of Trichologists, the most important professional association for trichologists in the world and Winner of the SalonStar award in the color category for the 5th time in a row.Welloxon is revered by hairdressers worldwide for its thick, creamy consistency, improved mixability and state-of-the-art performance, Welloxon Perfect allows precise, even development of colour.


A few words about my experience with professional hair dyes:


Earlier, I used the Loreal Professional Majirel hair color for about 10 years. I was always surprised when the color washed out so quickly. After only 2-3 weeks, the color faded. The hair looked like straw and gray hair was visible. In addition, my hair got a kind of unpleasant reddish undertone.


I had to dye my hair every month. Once I even switched my favorite cream developer - Loreal - to Wella. And imagine, the result was very different. The color lasted better and looked good for longer! After that, I thought the developer was to blame and decided not to use Loreal at all.

With Wella Koleston I can color my hair once every 2-3 months. The color is even and colorful.

I do not like (as well as any girl who cares about her hair) when the dye over-dries the hair. I had such a problem with Goldwell hair color. It made my hair look like straw, and I had to use super mild shampoos and silicone treatments.


When I use Koleston, I have no dry hair, no itchy scalp, no irritation, burns or allergic reaction (Like I had with Loreal hair dyes).


So I think Koleston is a pretty harmless and effective hair color that can over-dye gray hair for a long time and increase the interval between colorings.

Usually, the coloring process is very intuitive and creative, at least, for me.


I assume what my hair needs right now, so I rarely follow the instructions. Maybe that's why I did not have any uncomfortable situations with this hair color at home coloring.


But last time I was unlucky. The online store sent me the wrong color. Instead of the color 5, I got 44.0, which was brown-intense and looked almost black to me.



My hair skin with freckles and blue eyes looks unnatural with this color, as though I’m in mourning. I had nothing to mix this hair color with, so I had to improvise.



About cream developer:


I think this hair color makes a perfect couple with a 6% cream developer, though my hairdresser suggested that I use a 3% one. The difference lies in the fact that with a 3% developer, you only dye the surface of the hair, while 6% developer penetrates into them and therefore doesn’t wash out easily.

I chose the 6% developer because I do not want to dye my hair too often.


According to the instructions, you have to mix the hair color with the developer in the ratio of 1:1.


Since my hair had been already dyed, I decided to use the 6% developer, let it sit on the roots for 10-15 minutes, emulsify it with water and leave for 10 more minutes.



The hair color is easy to use. It is dense and easy to mix with a developer. It does not run out of hair, does not smell like ammonia and does not cause suffocation.


Before the application, both the gray hair on the top of the head and washed-out colors were visible (3.5 months had passed).

As a result, I got what I wanted: the color was even, but not too dark.

After coloring:

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