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Written on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Pros: dries my hair really fast, isn't damaging
Cons: no brush attachment, price



I heard about the Dyson hair dryer about a year ago. My husband showed me the official presentation of this device on their website.



As I’m aware that Dyson products always live up to the expectations, I became very interested in this very hair dryer!

Can you imagine, they spent 15 000 000 pound sterling and 4 years creating this device!!!


My precious Supersonic in the fuchsia color I received as a gift 🎁 from my husband 💏 in March and for the time being I can say that I’ve tested it a lot and can now express my opinion.




The product was packed in a stylish white box 📦 with all the information on it.



Inside the box I found the hair dryer, attachments, silicone non-slip mat, power cord, and a two-year warranty.




Of course I opened the box the moment my husband handed it to me. Smile And the first thing that I was surprised by was the weight of the product. Then I assessed the quality and ergonomic form of the product.


I’m rather small and have small hands, but the hair dryer sits well and comfortable in them. This is a very important factor for me, as I always have to lift my hands up when using the hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.

I also want to note the fact that the device doesn’t slip out my hands.





In the box with the hair dryer there were THREE MAGNETIC ATTACHMENTS. Since they are all magnetic they are very easy to put on and off, as well as turn in the desired directions.


  • diffuser is to create curls and waves

  • smoothing nozzle is aimed at using without a brush. It’s very easy to blow dry my hair with it. I just comb my hair with my fingertips, slightly moving the hair dryer along my hair and that’s it!!!

  • Styling concentrator. I use it to style my hair


I’ve tried using all the attachments, though recently I’ve cut my hair medium length ✂️ and the styling concentrator has currently became my fave.


On the hair dryer itself there are 4 BUTTONS all in all. Two of them are on the handle and 2 are on the back of the device.


  • the buttons on the back of the device are indicated by blue LEDs and button 1 controls the the fan while button 2 controls the temperature. The brighter the indicator is, the warmer and quicker the airflow.

  • On the handle of the device you will find the on/off button as well as the cool air button.


The Dyson company didn’t follow the easiest way 👏🏻, but chose a long, laborious path with numerous studies and considerable money investments in order to IMPRESS us with their invention!!!



And really, there wasn’t a brand before to place the motor in the handle of the hair dryer. And the motor is so fast and powerful, by the way! Thanks to the displaced gravity center, the product becomes uber comfortable in use.



While working, the product measures the air temperature 20 times a second thanks to the built in sensor and computer.





  • It’s so powerful that on the 3rd speed it easily blows down all my tubes and packages that stay on the bathroom shelf. The effect is visible on my hair. I can say that Dyson Supersonic BLOWS MY HAIR IN THE RIGHT WAY, AS NEEDED! Even though it’s so powerful and fast, it doesn't blow out my hair 180 degrees but dries it concentrated and neatly. This device is just impossible to damage or over dry your hair with!!! Even if you turn on the warmest fan, you’ll still be able to put your arm under it, as the fan will be so fast that it won’t have time to burn your skin, let alone the wet hair.



It takes 4 minutes ⏳ for me to blow dry my hair with this device. Isn’t that cool? And 3-4 more minutes to style it. And you know, I used to waste 30 minutes on this process, or even more.


I appreciate that my hair is super smooth and shiny after drying! It never looks overdried or damaged. It even feels better to the touch. Amazing! Smile




A regular hair dryer, unlike the safest Dyson, can’t be place very close to the hair, as it’ll definitely damage and heat it too much. ☀️ I bet that sometimes you can even smell burnt hair if you use a regular hair dryer.



Recently when I cut my hair, the hairdresser was styling it with the regular hair dryer and I felt absolutely uncomfortable, as I had an impression of something very hot close to my hair and scalp. And that was a professional hair dryer, by the way!



To cut a long story short - we definitely pay our money for beautiful hair that will certainly make any girl look lovely!!!


  • In your bathroom you can store the hair dryer on a special mat and be sure that it’ll never slip on the floor.


  • the cord is of professional length something about 9 feet, so no need to stand near a plug.

  • this hair dryer is less noisy than any other. I’m so glad about that!!! Smile



BUT I want to highlight 2 cons from myself:


1. The product is too pricey! Not everybody can afford to spend $400 💰 for a hair dryer 😱 .

2. I wish there was an attachment with a brush to dry and style my hair at the same time. The manufacturers have obviously missed out this nuance. 😩


If we look at this Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, I can say that in this case, modern technologies are worth their price. 👍

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Shkoda_086 recommends Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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