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Written on Thursday, November 2, 2017

When beautiful multicolored face massagers started to appear in the reviews of many famous beauty bloggers, I watched them, captivated, dreaming of a beautiful device which would replace a cosmetologist for me and provide my face with a gentle anti-ageing massage.

But the price kept me from buying it. I was ready to dish out about $200 for new shoes, but not for a vibrator for my face.

Luckily, Foreo have launched travel versions of Luna Mini and Luna Play. I got the latter as a sample in a beauty box, along with a face cleanser.

The Foreo Luna Play is the focus of attention today.

Product details:

The FOREO LUNA™ play allows you to sample the LUNA™ line before purchasing the chargeable, full-size version. Made for trial, this mini facial cleansing device channels 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute to provide you with a deeper clean. The silicone casing resists bacteria buildup, dries quickly and ensures a gentle cleansing experience.Key Benefits:

  • Features 2 touch points, thin ones for larger areas like cheeks and forehead, and thick ones for oily areas like your T-zone
  • Removes up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, makeup residue and impurities
  • Provides up to 100 full cleansing routines
  • Leaves skin glowing, soft and smooth

So, it’s the same face ultrasonic cleansing device, but it’s little. There is another important difference: the tiny massager isn’t rechargeable. So when the battery’s dead, you have no choice but to throw it away.

It was packaged in a cute box.

On the inner surface I saw little pieces of paper and dust. It’s not that bad, but still.

On the right side of the box you can see a tiny magnifying glass, which helps to examine these silicone touch points.

That’s so cute that I forgive the packaging for being dirty.

The box is so paunchy and adorable when you look at it in profile.

On the bottom you can find the name of the device and the bar code.The label on the back side promises up to 100 uses.

The device is supposed to suit all skin types. That’s another difference between this face device and the full-size one, because the latter is available in a few colors, and each is designed for a particular skin type. For example, for my combination skin I would have bought the blue one.Also, there is a carefully folded instruction book in two languages: English and French.

It’s recommended to use this device for 15 seconds on each zone of your face, which means 1 minute in total. You should avoid using face cleansers which contain clay, silicones or any little particles. The device can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap.

In general, this baby looks cute and is pleasant to the touch.

However, I still associate it with a sex toy. It’s made of the same material, plus these touch points. So if it doesn’t suit your face, you can still find a way to use it Smile

The silicone touch points are soft, they don’t scratch my skin.

As you can see, they are presented in two sizes, just like those of the full-size Luna. I haven’t noticed any difference between them.

The massager isn’t completely flat and easy to hold.

On the backside of the original Luna there is another surface for anti-age massage. However, my massager doesn’t have it. So it doesn’t live up to ‘the entire LUNA experience’

On the backside of my massager there is nothing but a power button.

The sign on the flat bottom shows that you shouldn’t simply throw this device away. It must be disposed as an electronic device.

Now to my experience with this device.

The face cleanser that came in the kit lasted only about a week, and since then, I’ve used countless face washing products.

The massager itself lasted about 4 months!

So you don’t have to use this face massager with Foreo products only. The result was nearly the same with all face gels.

At first, I applied a face gel or face foam as always. Then, I touched my face with the wet Luna Play and started massaging the foam.

The device vibrates when it’s on, but so gently that it has no effect. I have a feeling that I have something shivering on my skin at that’s all. It provided no deep cleansing.

The pores and blackheads were still there.

I own an extremely cheap Chinese face brush, and it cleans my skin much better. Plus, it foams face gels up and therefore a little bit goes a long way. Foreo Luna sucks in comparison with this face brush.

The face massage was terrible too. If you ever had a real face massage, you know what I mean. This little shivering thing is nothing in comparison even with a light self-massage.

However, I’ve used this little thing till the end. I realized that the battery was about to die when its vibration had become even weaker.

I’ve heard that some people managed to take this device apart, charge the battery and go on using it.

Even though I didn’t want to use it anymore, I was curious about its insides.

That’s when I found this barely visible seam

used my nail file to grab and pull the silicone covering...

And failed because it was glued to the device.

You can only remove it in pieces, which makes the whole idea of the recharging pointless.

That’s where my experiment ended.

I talked to one of beauty bloggers, and she told me that the full-size version not only has another massing surface, but also stronger vibration.


Well, maybe it’s true. But why make a mini-version and promise that it has the same features, when it doesn’t?

I don’t see any sense to buy this mini-device, because it’s totally useless.

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