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Written on Monday, February 5, 2018

Hi there!

It’s not just an ordinary review, because it’s a review about a specific beauty tool that costs quite a lot. Is there any sense to buy it actually? Let’s figure it out. Today I’ll go through the FOREO LUNA play Plus Sunflower Yellow cleansing brush.

This gadget is available in a few colors. I have it in Sunflower Yellow.

Price: $49.



It was packed in a transparent plastic case. Inside there was a leaflet and a product description in many languages. The batteries were already inserted, so I started using it right after I received it.

My experience.

Visually it’s a small round gadget with long bristles on one side. On the other side there is an on/off button. It’s somewhat pressed in and doesn’t protrude.

The body itself is waterproof and I can safely use it in a shower. Also, I clean it under the streaming water. The color range is really wide, but I have it in yellow. This color is very bright and pretty. The tool is very nice to hold in my hands and use for my face. It’s made of some rubber-like material, so it’s slip-free. The battery slot is hidden inside the case. The manual says that the batteries are replaceable.

You should undo the screws and remove the cap to take the batteries out. Before purchasing I read that they are not replaceable. However, the manual says differently.

I personally haven’t yet changed them, as they are still working well, but as soon as they are done, I’ll let you know if it was hard or not to change the batteries.

Notably, it also has a replaceable AAA battery to allow for longer-term use.

Now I’m going to tell you how I use it.

So, I remove makeup with an ordinary micellar water or cleansing oil. After that I apply a little bit of cleanser to my damp skin and move the tool with these bristles all over my face.

The device has only one mode. When turning on, you can hear a slight vibration.

After application or I would rather say right after the first application the effect was very curious. It felt like I applied a scrub first, then a mask sheet. I haven’t noticed that my pores were instantaneously cleansed, but my skin felt smooth and squeaky clean.

After a while the effect reminded me of a spa treatment with a facial extractor. The only difference was that it was not painful and there was no redness after the procedure.

Testing the LUNA play Plus for the first time, it may seem that it’s just fooling around, but the results are obvious and visible not only for me, but also for my cosmetologist. Now I believe in the magic of supersonic waves coming from this tool. The thing is that it cleanses not only with the help of bristles but also with the waves that are invisible to our eyes.

By the way, the cleansing brush doesn’t get dirty. The reason for that is probably that I use it on my clean skin.

Also, there was a case when my skin was dry all over after a salon treatment. The dry patches were gone after I used this gadget and my skin looked much smoother.

These patches stayed between the bristles, but I removed them under the streaming water easily.

To say that I’m happy with the results means to say nothing. I love my skin after the LUNA play Plus. All other scrubs are left in the dust, because there is no more need for them.

To be honest, I was initially skeptical about this babe, but after trying it out, I consider it to better than all the facial scrubs and cleansing brushes altogether.

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Jul South recommends FOREO LUNA play plus Facial Cleansing Brush

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