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Written on Thursday, May 17, 2018

I have the feeling of dread when it comes to piercing my earlobes, but the funny thing is that I took the plunge to have my navel pierced! Today I’d like to tell you my story about the belly button piercing, so that you decide if you actually need this Wink

One day I decided to mark my 24th birthday with a belly button piercing no matter what. Back in the day there was a trend for low-rise jeans and skirts. Therefore I was dying to make my belly button look sexier with the help of jewelry in it.

I had it pierced in a professional piercing shop. Yes, I was worried about the procedure.

The piercer helped me choose the jewelry I was to be wearing and noted that it was really important to pick up the right size of a barbell. It should fit really well in your particular navel.

The barbell I had was about 0.3 inches long.

The piercing artist put me on a couch to avoid dizziness and unforeseen consequences like panic attacks. She probably saw quite a good deal of everything when working there.

Then she applied a topical anesthetic to the area for piercing and sterilized it. After that she pressed my skin with a specific tool and pierced it. Although I was numb, the pain was quite sharp. No, it wasn’t that hard and I didn’t cry, but I felt the pinch quite a lot. However, the pain was fleeting. It was gone soon enough.

At last she gave me an antiseptic and a few pieces of advice concerning the aftercare:

  • Spritz it with a saline solution a few times a day.

  • Swivel the barbell when showering to wash the cavity.

  • In about a month I was going to go on vacation and the piercer recommended me to be careful when swimming in the sea/ocean and so I was Wink Nothing bad happened to my navel.

As for me, the jewelry didn’t cause any infections and was healed very well.

My belly didn’t ache after the process. The only thing is that I could feel the jewelry in my navel when I was sitting, but I stopped noticing it after a while. It doesn’t disturb me in everyday or intimate life or when I work out.

How people react to my belly button piercing:

Nobody was wowed by it. In most cases the reaction of surrounding people was either neutral or negative.

Some of them who was particularly sensitive couldn’t even look at my navel.

As far as I’m concerned, I loved my piercing and the jewelry that I actually wore for about 3 years or so…

But my future husband asked me to remove it politely one day. After that I no longer wanted to wear it again.

After a while the piercing closed and I couldn’t put the barbell through it anymore. The channels are still noticeable, but they are gradually closing too.

They say that during pregnancy the piercing hole stretches out and looks badly. It didn’t happen to me, even though I had quite a huge baby bump.

Now when I’m no longer pregnant, the piercing hole looks the following way:

It is quite visible above the navel, but there is no deformation or anything.

All in all, I didn’t have any negative consequences after my piercing experience thanks to the professional piercer probably.

The only drawback is that it bores everyone over time, including me.

I believe that if I was belly-dancing or something and always had my belly button exposed for the art’s sake, the piercing would’ve looked proper and lovely.

But now… after 12 years I find this idea kind of childish. I should better have pierced my earlobes instead Smile

Be always healthy and beautiful Smile Try to be clear-minded and reasonable when soul searching Wink*******

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