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Written on Thursday, October 25, 2018

This review is about a controversial and sensitive topic, namely about lip augmentation. When writing this review I knew that I may receive negative feedback. Not that I’m really afraid of it Smile So let’s get started.

Here are my five steps to beautiful and full lips.


Step 1: A wish. First, everyone should decide for themselves whether full lips are really desired and how much desired.


Step 2: The risk. If it has been decided to do the treatment, one should keep in mind that there are also negative side effects that may appear after the treatment. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is actually safe because there is hyaluronic acid in the human body as well. But there can still be a risk. You can find more information on the internet.


Step 3: Find the doctor. After you’ve made up your mind, start looking for one. I paid a lot of attention to the photo results. Actually a lot more than to the number of likes and ads.

Step 4: Preparation for the treatment. If you have herpes, you should heal it thoroughly. Also, if an antibiotic has been taken before the procedure, the treatment should be postponed for two weeks.


Step 5: First appointment. Everything should be discussed in advance with the doctor, I mean shape, size and etc. My doctor showed me my future lips on the computer. The program has made 4 suggestions and I had to choose one. After that we discussed the further details.


What is forbidden after the treatment?


For the first two days, hot drinks, spicy food and alcohol are prohibited. Vasodilators or diluents should also be avoided or the dose reduced.


How make the effect last longer?


Avoid hot sauna, sun lamps or sun beds. No weight loss pills, as they drive hyaluronic acid away. No physical exercise.


Here are my lips before the treatment:



They are not very slim, but they are a bit asymmetrical.


And here is the result after the treatment:


Before and after:


Right after the treatment (I was so afraid my lips would remain so, but they were just swollen):

A photo before the second appointment


Right after the second appointment :






  • - fast result
  • - Lips become symmetrical
  • - hyaluronic acid is harmless
  • - painless (I was given anesthetic like at the dentist’s, so I felt no pain.) But during the second appointment, I insisted that the process should run without anesthetic spraying.That was not painful, the doctor was surprised, according to her words not everyone can tolerate such pain.
  • - long-lasting effect (I was promised more than 6 months)
  • - self-confidence. I feel more self-confident now and I like myself.




  • - After some time, you have to make another injection, as the hyaluronic acid fades away. It depends on the metabolism, bad habits, age and body chemistry.
  • - Swelling: Oh my god, I was scared when I saw myself in the mirror in the early morning. I had such big lips ... I started to get nervous and fear they would be so forever.


I ran around in a medical face mask, but my lips were seen even through it.


  • - bruises may appear. I had none, though.
  • - the treatment is quite pricey.

How it looks now:


I am very satisfied, that's exactly what I wanted. Although I was very scared when I saw the puffiness and thought that lips are too big and that I only made it worse. But when the swelling was gone, I breathed again, and how beautiful now every lipstick on the lips looks Smile The report will not tell anyone that they need to do the treatment. I just wanted to tell about my experience. Hope the report is helpful to someone who has not decided yet. Greetings!

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