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Written on Monday, October 30, 2017

The progress is there everyday. Everyday there are more and more different goodies on the market appearing and the beauty industry isn’t an exception. I know that the makeup sponge isn’t anything new in the world of beauty but what about a makeup bullet? Have you heard anything about it? I can say that for several years I’ve already been using the Real Techniques sponges and I was so happy with it but I could not resist and pass by the Makeup Bullet. I knew that I had to give it a go and probably change my preferences.

The Makeup Bullet is the perfect make-up applicator to apply cosmetics! It fits snuggly on your finger so no more dropping your sponge and it frees you to hold other objects such as brushes and the proprietary shape is perfect for blending on every part of your face! It can be used multiple times and washed over and over again!


At first I want to draw your attention to the packaging design. It’s very eye-catching and that worked for me as I couldn’t pass by it. I like that there’s an infused plastic window which is see-through and it shows us the product inside.

On the backside of the packaging you can read some information about the product.

Inside the packaging there’s a sponge and I also found a piece of paper with a funny story of how the product was created and instruction to follow:

The sponge:

The Makeup Bullet allows control, speed, accuracy and flawless coverage for a variety of liquid, creme and powder cosmetics! The Makeup Bullet and can be used for "resting" when steadying the hand against the face for protection to freshly applied makeup from oils on the hands. The Makeup Bullet can be used damp or dry and is latex-free, washable and reusable!

The product is black and very soft in consistency.

Inside the sponge you can see a rounded hollow for your finger. I think you can put it on not only your pointing finger but also on a ring finger as well. Personally I like putting it on my middle finger and I do not care at all how it looks Laughing out loud.

The tip is tapered and makes the sponge really look like a bullet.

I like to apply cosmetic products with this tip as it allows to reach even the hardest-to-reach areas. For me they are under eyes and the areas around my nose. I know that there are lot of brands that release their tapered sponges but none of them is so convenient in use as The Makeup Bullet.


The product can be used dry or damp. I like spraying it with thermal water. The product isn’t so big as a usual sponge so the spending of the thermal water won’t be as huge.


And I like using it when it’s damp most of all. Once I damp it with thermal water it becomes very elastic and uber soft. It becomes even easier to work with and I like the way the foundation looks on my face if I apply it with the damp sponge.


But still I want to pay your attention to the fact that I don’t find it convenient to apply foundation all over my face with this sponge, no matter wet or dry. I like using the usual big sponges as the process of makeup application goes faster with them. But sometimes it happens that all my sponges are dirty or anything else and I do use this one for full face foundation application. I like the coverage it gives and the way my skin looks in the end but the process takes a long time.

This “bullet” gives me the most moderate coverage that can be thicker if needed.


At the time being I use the following sponges: Real Techniques, The Makeup Bullet and the Holika Holika sponge. I like the Holika Holika sponge but usually I don’t use it and it just lies about in my makeup bag. The Real Techniques sponge is close to the Makeup Bullet in texture. But the bullet is even softer. Holika Holika is made of some other material that's not foam, I guess. It’s very thick and not porous. I don’t like it. Even though it has a tapered tip as well, I still find it difficult to apply my makeup with.

As for washing of the sponges: I always try to wash them straight after the foundation application but sometimes it doesn’t happen straight away. The Makeup Bullet is very easy and fast to wash off. I’d advise you to let it dry alone and not use a hair dryer or leave it on the radiator as they can damage the soft material. I absolutely do not care how much time the bullet takes to dry out as there’s of no importance for me. I use the product once a day and I can say that it dries out way faster than any other sponge that I have.

Each sponge can last months with proper use and care.


I can say that it’s true. I think that I take proper care of my sponge and I can see that it really will last a long time.

As a final word I can say that the “bullet thimble” is great. I’ll advise it to everybody who struggles with the problem of reaching the hardest-to-reach areas and to those who love using creamy and liquidy textures in their makeup. Although I’ve heard that the sponge is also great for dry textures application! Maybe I shall try out baking? Smile

Price: single pack $14.95

triple pack: 24.95

The triple pack is a good bargain indeed!


Thanks for reading my review!

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Inna4 recommends Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge

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