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Written on Tuesday, November 7, 2017


After the BeautyBlender appeared on the market, hundreds of brands tried to get the same popularity by creating their own makeup sponges. There are so many different forms and formulations that it becomes difficult to catch up with the latest trends and be aware of what’s really good and which products should be tossed.

When I saw this Bullet sponge, I became so curious that I couldn't resist and pass by this brightly packed product.


The Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge

Price: $14.95

Product description:

"The Makeup Bullet™" aka the " Fingerblender " allows control, speed, accuracy and flawless coverage for a variety of liquid, creme and powder cosmetics! "The Makeup Bullet™" can be used for "resting" when steadying the hand against the face for protection to freshly applied makeup from oils on the hands . "The Makeup Bullet™" can be used damp or dry and is latex-free, washable and reusable! A single sponge comes in this package. Sponges ordered directly from this website are packaged in a reusable zippered cosmetic pouch. "The Makeup Bullet™" is made in the USA.

The sponge was packed in a very cute packaging with a see-through side to see the product inside.


The packaging is beautifully designed and is rather big for such a small sponge I think.


The sponge looks like a pro-longed thimble or a bullet as it has a tapered tip.


On the bottom the sponge has a special place for your finger. The hollow place is rather tight which allows the product to sit snuggly on your finger. My fingers are small so I have no issues with the sponge.


The sponge is black and porous. It’s very soft to the touch.


I like putting it on my pointer finger as it was drawn on the packaging. But I also read reviews here that the girls put it on different fingers and some of them even feel comfortable putting it on the middle finger. Smile


The sponge is small in size and will easily fit into even the smallest and compact makeup bag. The tapered tip of the product allows me to apply foundation to the hardest to reach places like under eyes and sides of the nose.


For those who are like me (I’ve never used a makeup sponge before) there’s a detailed instruction flyer.


I like that the text is accompanied by funny and bright pictures.


There are some peculiarities about the sponge that I want to draw your attention to: you see, the sponge is made of such a soft material that it can be used even without water. Dry! But still I prefer damping it a little bit with a face spray or thermal water.


Here I spritz the sponge with a Korean mist by The Saem.

And start to apply my favourite BB cream by Holika Holika.

I like that the sponge gives even coverage yet it’s thick and in no way sheer.


After I’ve tried this sponge, I stopped applying my makeup with fingers at all.

In this photo you can see that the BB cream looks very smooth and seamless.



The sponge is absolutely fuss-free in terms of washing. I wash it with a usual liquid soap that I currently have in my bathroom. It washes off the foundation really well and I can see that there's nothing left of it on the sponge.


All in all I have only positive impressions when using the The Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge. It’s been a real must-have for me ever since.

Thank you for reading my review!

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RomanticaT recommends Makeup Bullet HiDef Cosmetic Finger Sponge

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