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Written on Monday, January 22, 2018
Pros: affordable, applies product well, for under eye area and around nose

The brush has been my favorite makeup tool for a really long time. I use it damp and dry. The damp brush applies makeup like a sponge actually.

I use sponges too, but the brushes are preferable. Moreover, the sponge is usually too big for my under eye area and around my nose.

The good news is Real Techniques has 2 mini sponges right for these areas.

The name of these babes: 2 MIRACLE MINI ERASER SPONGES.

A pair of these sponges retails for only $6. The material is of a very good quality.

I cannot agree with those saying that $1 fake sponge is also good. It is of a worse quality. I had plenty of such cheap sponges and most of them became toys for my cats.

They were totally useless and didn’t go well for my under eye area. The material reminded me of a rubber. They were really thick and didn’t get softer but absorbed all the makeup even when they were damp.

The product description with 6 ways to use. I haven’t tried all of them yet:

6 ways to erase:

  1. Sweep away undereye shadow fallout

  2. Wipe away liner gone wrong

  3. Pick up brow product fallout

  4. Wipe away mascara smudges

  5. Pick up over applied shadow

  6. Blend away too much blush or highlighter

The RT material is soft and flexible. The sponges are really tight when dry and supersoft when damp.

I don’t know about the type of material, as it’s not indicated on the packaging. However, the difference with cheap sponges is so obvious! It’s like sitting on a stool and in an armchair.

These sponges are fragrance-free. It’s a real saving grace Smile

The size of the sponge: about 4 cm. It’s small and great for applying makeup on my face, although they are quite fiddly to work with.

These mini sponges replace all the makeup tools except for a brush for applying foundation.

When wet, the sponge is half as much. It’s so adorable to work with this soft and at the same time elastic sponge.

The wet sponge blends out BB creams around my eyes like a dream and the product doesn’t crease in my fine lines under my eyes.

Moreover, the cream doesn’t set in my wrinkles, which is usually the case when applying with fingers or a brush.

On the plus side, the powder applies to my skin with foundation effortlessly, which means that you can bake a concealer or any other product you use for covering up your blemishes very easily with this sponge.

I love the effect here, as I’ve never had such a quality and quick pre-makeup of my eyes. I’ve tried using my fingers, the Beautyblender dupe, brush and another sponge, but RT mini sponges are the real game-changers!

The good news: The sponge is easy to clean with any cleaning product. I wash it with a regular cleansing foam for my face or an ordinary hand soap.

The period of use: more than a month and the tools still look like new. I’m not going to replace them yet, as they will last at least 6 months for me. What is also important is cleaning the sponge every time. I wash it before every use, although I know that I have to do it after each application either to prevent makeup on the sponge to spread out bacteria. Well, bad habits and I have to make it right.

The suggested use is written in the quote. I haven’t tried all the ways to use this tool, but I’d like to tell you my point:

These sponges are perfect for applying concealers and BB creams to my under eye area and around my nose. As a result the product neither sets into my fine lines nor creases. More than that it’s perfect for applying powder under my eyes and even for an eyeshadow base!

P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention the latter aspect.

Highly recommended to everyone!

The list of the products below contains powder perfect for baking under eyes, around nose and between the eyebrows.

Plus, it has some products I buff out with these mini spongers:

  • 4🌷 Pond's BB Magic Facial Powder. I love this powder but only combined with BB- or CC creams. You’ll find all the pros/cons and my tips in this review.

  • 5⭐Dr. Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenating Blemish Base BB Cream. It’s a perfect for aging, dry and dull skin with any imperfections.

  • 4⭐ Secret Key Let Me Know CC Cream: a good coverage for dry skin.

  • 4⭐Secret Key Telling U CC Cream: awesome coverage. This product covers up all blemishes and matches normal to combination fair skin!

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OceanSoul recommends Real Techniques 2 MIRACLE MINI ERASER SPONGES

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