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Written on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I’m kind of an “empties” makeup reviewer, as I prefer to write reviews only after using this or that product up. But today’s product is an exception. Smile

If I’ve got a very interesting and good quality product to review, I know that the post will be very easy to write which means that the time of use will be dramatically decreased.

Ordering the Soft Glam eyeshadow palette I was almost 100% sure that I’ll sell my Modern Renaissance palette, as it seemed that they were almost identical and I didn’t see any point of using them both. But I was so wrong, guys! When I got my hands on both of the palettes I understood that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to any of them, especially to the cult classic Modern Renaissance.

The palettes are absolutely different. But, first things first.

The Soft Glam palette is done in a typical Anastasia Beverly Hills design. The container is a beautiful and pleasant to the touch palette, which is so easy to stain though. I also noticed that the stains are practically impossible to wash off, alas.

Inside the palette has a big mirror and a useless brush.

The palette comprises of 14 shades, 3 of which are taken from the Modern Renaissance palette.

Here are the swatches in the sunlight:

Tempera - is a beigy-pink shade with a small silver sparkle

Glistening - satin shimmer golden rose shade

Orange Soda - bright matte ripe peach color

Rose Pink - pink shade with a lot of finely milled shimmer

Sultry - dark brown shade with a pink sparkle. You should be very careful while working with this shade, as it dusts a lot if you touch it with your finger, so it’s better to pick it up with your fingertip.

Bronze - it isn’t bronze color for me but a more golden brown shimmer shade

Mulberry - matte chocolate cherry shade which is very difficult to blend because of its texture which isn’t satin but more dry

Dusty Rose - matte ash rose shade which is more lilac. I guess everybody will like it

Fairy - satin shimmer yellow gold shade

Burnt Orange - muted matte orange color

Sienna - stone-brick red matte shade

Rustic - warm-toned matte brown hue

Cyprus Umber - dark brown matte shade

Noir -matte black hue, it’s the same as the Mulberry shade texture-wise.

The Modern Renaissance also has the Tempera, Burnt Orange and Cyprus Umber shades. I guess this is the reason why they were scolding the Soft Glam palette so much. There were a lot of people who already had the Modern Renaissance palette and were actually hesitating to buy the Soft Glam. But I can tell you that the true fans of the brand bought both of the palettes and now I will tell you all the details about them. Smile:)

I hardly ever use the red shades from the Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Primavera and Warm Taupe are my favorite colors from the palette. If I sold this palette I would miss these colors a lot, as the Soft Glam lacks of those beautiful taupe and classic fair shades which are a must when it comes to my day to day eye makeup.

In my opinion the Soft Glam isn’t as nude as they say. Aside from many orange and brown shades there are also a lot of shimmer hues here. They are almost the same as glitter. There’s only one shade which has a rather delicate glow that doesn’t shine from orbit, which is Tempera. The palette is no way boring and it makes me really creative but at the same time I can come up with a lot of daily makeup looks with it.

I conclude with the following:

If you already have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette, then it’s absolutely worth it to buy the Soft Glam palette as well. But if you don’t have any of these palettes, then it’s better to opt for the latest yummy palette which is the Soft Glam. The thing is that the Soft Glam has all the trendy shades here. It isn’t boring and I deem it’s more versatile than the Modern Renaissance.


As for the quality, in my opinion the Modern Renaissance is better. Why?

Because the Sultry shade crumbles and dusts even if I touch it with the lightest hand and softest brush.

The Noir and Mulberry shades are difficult to blend out as they are a little bit chalky texture-wise.

I guess that my rate with 4 stars will be pretty fair for the product. I guess I helped you to make up your mind on which palette you need.

So now let’s have a look at the makeup looks that I created with this palette. Smile

I really like this makeup a lot. The cat eye is done with the Noir shade. In my opinion this makeup will flatter any occasion and any time. What’s more, it doesn’t take up too much time to do!Smile

The third - I call it “the natural beauty”;)

And of course there isn’t an example without a black color Smile

The price of the Soft Glam eyeshadow palette was about $42.

I hope that you found my post informative!

❤️ Kisses ❤️

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MimSik recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

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