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Written on Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Pros: comfortable wear, doesn’t dry my lips, easy to apply, even application and coverage, gorgeous color, long-lasting and matte, minty scent, pure colors

So, today I’d like to tell you about the wonderful matte lipstick by The Balm, which I’ve been constantly using for 6 months already and it still remains my favorite one.

Honestly, I didn’t even think about buying this lipstick before. Just one day I occasionally saw the corner of that brand, made the swatches on my hand, chose the most “wearable” color and bought it. There are never enough of the matte lipsticks, aren’t there?

The lipstick was packed in a cardboard box. The design was very stylish and classy, I think. Actually, all the products by this brand have great packaging, so I think that, even if the product doesn’t suit you, it’s also very pleasant to have a beautiful, bright and unusual exemplar in your collection.

The lipstick itself was in a tube of 7.4 ml which will last for quite a while, be sure.

The tube is plastic and the cap can be scratched easily, if you carry it in a handbag. But, to tell you the truth, the scratches aren’t seen much, so the lipstick won’t be destroyed much.

Inside the tube there’s a MEGA-comfortable (personally for me) applicator, which is very convenient to apply the product with, even from the first time. It’s quite soft, stiff to some extent, and very easy to use. I used to think that all the applicators are the same, but no. I could never contour my lips better with the applicator before this one.

Once you open the tube, you can definitely feel the minty scent. However, I’d say that this is the scent of chocolate and mint together. I love such scents very much, so I think this love will last forever.

I have the Charming color, it’s marked on the bottom of the tube. It seemed the most beautiful one for me, as well as interesting and wearable out of the whole lipstick color range. And in general, that color has become my favorite one from all my lipsticks and lip pencils for the past year.

This color is very complicated and looks different, depending on the lighting. Sometimes, it may seem a bit red, sometimes a bit brown, or nude. Everything depends on where you are, I mean outside or inside, and of course the light plays a very important role.

It’s very easy to apply the product on the lips. It’s quite liquid at first, which enables you to apply it on the lips beautifully and outline the lips’ contour. The product applies well, and it won’t define the peeling skin on the lips. I think, that’s the only matte lipstick in my collection, which will look great even on the chapped lips.

The product dries out quite quickly. Its finish is matte and very beautiful. I don’t feel it on my lips at all, as though there’s nothing on my lips.

During the day it doesn’t roll up, or smudge, or sit in the creases. This lipstick is really long-lasting, as promised. After lunch/dinner, it fades a bit only on the junction of the lips, but on the contour it stays well.

After a snack, you can easily reapply the product (layer it) and it won’t look awful, even the second and the third layers look quite decent, beautiful and natural.

Generalizing, I want to say that the lipstick is ideal in all the respects, including the scent, color, lasting power, etc.

5 stars and just a high recommendation here!

Yours faithfully,

Kate ♥

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LiL_Kate♥ recommends The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Lipstick

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