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Written on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Hello, dear readers! I saw this limited edition palette in one of the stores at a huge discount. At first, I didn’t even want to buy it but a discount actually pushed me for purchasing.



I didn’t bother with reading the reviews of it after all the Becca brand is known for their quality makeup. So, I dared to order it.

🌸The weight of the palette is 9.8g. Each shade has 1.4g. All in all, there are 7 shades.

🌸The palette is awesome design-wise. However, I can’t say it’s compact. The casing is round and golden. The plastic has some pattern which looks frosted. The palette was released last winter, so I associate it with frost and snow, that’s logical. Smile

The shiny surface of the palette easily picks up my fingerprints, so it’s super easy to stain. I always have to wipe it off.

It opens up a little bit strugglingly. If we compare the closure here with the hyped highlighter casings, the highlighters open nice and smooth. This palette is more difficult to open.

Inside, you’ll find a big round mirror.

The top cap opens up 180 degrees. It’s light and won’t turn the palette upside down.

7 shades in the palette aren’t placed close to each other.


The refills are small. They don’t have any cut or edging on them. It’s good on the one hand because I don’t feel sorry to use them but on the other hand, it’s much more interesting to look at the refills when they have some print on them. Smile


No applicator or brush was featured.



So, the palette is a good quality plastic. It’s lightweight and not really travel-friendly. Also, it provides a nice round mirror. If I were to be picky, I’d mentioned the tough closure. I wish it was a magnet. Also, I can list the staining glossy plastic to the drawbacks, which I can still live with.



Some shades are the same as the hyped highlighters from Becca. They even have the same names - Opal, Topaz, Pearl, Moonstone. However, the formula was changed and adjusted for eyeshadows. In my book, here we have it drier.


1. Moonstone is a glistening nude shade. It’s delicate and perfect for brow bone makeup.


2. Opal is a little bit less dry and the finish here is more obvious and shimmer-free.


3. Topaz is an eyeshadow of satin and not at all dry texture. It’s a saturated copper shade.


Here we have shades 1, 2 and 3 (in clockwise order) + Pearl in the center of the palette:


4. Toasted Marshmallow is a neutral beige shade. It’s dry in texture but very soft and rather satin in finish.


5. Hot Cocoa- The name speaks to itself. The shade is warm and cocoa milk with brown and red notes to it.


6. Rose Quartz is a gentle pink, glowing shade. The finish is delicate, frosty and beautiful.


7. Pearl is the lightest shade in the palette. It’s cool and white with a pink shift.


In clockwise order - shades 4, 5 and 6. Pearl is in the middle.

The shades on my skin:

(Moonstone, Opal, Topaz, Toasted Marshmallow, Hot Cocoa, Rose Quartz, Pearl):

Moonstone, Opal, Topaz, Toasted Marshmallow, Hot Cocoa, Rose Quartz:

Toasted Marshmallow, Hot Cocoa, Rose Quartz, Pearl:



The eyeshadows aren’t bad quality-wise. They’re nice to pick up with a brush, showing a little bit of dusting.

Some of them are better pressed, while others aren’t.

The most pliant and soft are Opal, Topaz and Rose Quartz.

The rest are drier.

The pigmentation of the soft shades is high, while drier shades are average pigmented.


For instance, Toasted Marshmallow fits daytime nude makeup so well. It appears matte.



The second shade Hot Cocoa is less pigmented and also matte:



Hot Cocoa + Rose Quartz:


The most pigmented and bright shade in the palette is that golden-copper Topaz one.

The lightest shades are Pearl, Rose Quartz and Moonstone.


I use several shades as highlighters. Moonstone, Opal and Rose Quartz do the job well and appear harmonious with my pink-toned makeup. Rose Quartz fits the bill for more cool-toned makeup shades. Here in the picture, I used Opal as a highlighter:


Naturally, the Becca highlighters offer a more obvious glow and their texture isn’t as dry as here. But here, we have awesome staying power due to that very dry texture.

The shades apply smoothly on my eyes, showing no patches or streaks. It isn’t a problem to blend them out or pack.


The wear time is very decent.

Really, the formula of the highlighters was changed here which makes the products more long-wearing but drier and less pigmented in some shades.


The products stay on well during the day. They don’t fade away or crease. My eyes are oily, so a primer is essential.


My makeup appears as though just applied even in the evening.

Those shades which I also use as highlighters (Opal, Moonstone and Rose Quartz) also show a great wear time and pleases me with their glow all day long.


The removing is usual. I use micellar water or cleansing oil and then wash it off with a cleansing gel.

The products don’t irritate my eyes, even though they are sensitive and I wear contacts.

In general, the palette isn’t bad and will be a great option for nude and warm-toned makeups.

The design is nice, it’s always a pleasure to use such makeup.

But, given all that, I still don’t think it’s reasonably priced. I would have never bought it for me if it hadn’t been discounted.

But if you find it on sale, why not to grab it? After all, we can’t ever get enough of eyeshadow palettes, right? :)Thanks for your attention! See ya! Smile

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