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Written on Friday, June 15, 2018

Hey there!

I can say it for sure that I’m an eyeshadow geek. Eyeshadow is actually a makeup product that I can't resist and walk away without a purchase. Once they announced that the release of the new eyeshadow palette by Becca Ocean Jewels, I already knew that I would buy it.

For a long time I was waiting for it to appear on my favorite makeup website to order, and then I was anxiously waiting for this palette to be delivered. So now, here it is! My precious!


The palette Becca Ocean Jewels Eye Palette has turned out to be pretty big in size, I didn’t even expect it to be like that. The palette is gorgeous! It has a mirrored surface with matte insertion, which actually forms a seashell, which is rather obvious since the palette has an oceanic theme.

I was very surprised and at the same time very happy to find a huge mirror inside the palette. Actually, the entire top cap is a mirror here. It’s so convenient when I do my makeup with this palette. Moreover, the top lip stays in place and I don’t have to lean it against anything.

Nuance …

You know, the mirrored surface of the palette is actually it’s disadvantage as well. Before taking shots of it for this review I had to wipe it a lot to make it look more or less presentable. I deem that’s the only disadvantage I can think of about this palette. Smile


Shades …

The palette consists of 7 different shades of eyeshadows. There are only 2 matte colors, while the other 5 are shimmers.

The color kickback is fantastic! The colors apply with a brush and with my fingers beautifully. The coverage always looks thick and saturated with color. I don’t even have to build-up the coverage at all.

One of the main advantages of the palette is that the products never fall out onto my undereyes during application. Even if you decided to do the darkest and the most complicated makeup look, you can still be sure that nothing will fall out from your eyes to your skin. I don’t even have to do my makeup first and then foundation anymore.

1. Seashell: it’s a matte shade which is barely detectable over my skin. I use it to set my eye primer and for the better blending of the other colors.

2. Tourmaline: this is the second and actually the last matte shade from the palette. It looks the same brown on the pan as well as in the swatches. But I have to notice that when I apply it on my eyes, it starts to look more deeply-toned and darker. I’ll show you it later in my makeup.

The color itself is really soft to the touch. It feels creamy over my skin.

3. Mermaid Pearl: honestly, the entire palette was initially bought because of this shade. In the promo it seemed to be magical for me and really marine-like.

I wasn’t at all disappointed when I saw it in life. I hardly ever use it alone on my eyes, but I adore the way it looks as an accent shade! It makes my any makeup look more sophisticated.

4. Ocean Jasper: this one is stunningly beautiful chameleon shade, which shines brown, green and even violet. It’s utterly dope!

5. Abalone: lilac, shimmer and sparkling color! It’s the color of high day for me and of tenderness as it is!

6. Spirit Quartz: Cool-toned bronzy shade. When I apply it with a damp brush, it has a metallic sheen to it then.

7. Sandstone: utterly beautiful color of gold. No matter what brush I use, damp or dry, the metallic sheen will always look amazeballs.

General swatches:

Each shade from the palette seems to be perfect. It was a really long time ago when I saw such a good color selection.

So now, let’s move onto the makeup looks:


My makeup #1

How to do it:

  • set your eyeshadow primer with the shade #1

  • in this makeup look I used a color from the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette to darken the crease, since the Becca palette doesn’t provide us with a natural-looking eyeshadow color for the light darkening of the crease

  • I applied the shade #4 all over my mobile lid

  • And used the shade #3 to the inner corners of my eyes.

Total look:


My makeup #2

How to do it:

  • I set the primer with the color # 1

  • I used the ABH palette again to shape my eyes

  • then I deepened the crease with the shade #2

  • after that I cut the crease with a flat brush and my concealer all over my mobile lid

  • then I used the color #4 all over my mobile lid

  • I poured a few drops of a false lashes glue on my hand and then applied a small drop of the glue to the center of my lids

  • over this glue I used the #3 on my eyes.

Total look:


My makeup #3

How to do it:

  • I set the crease with the shade #1 and darkened the crease with the Anastasia palette

  • I cut my crease

  • And apply the shade #5 all over my mobile lid and the same color to the crease a little to make the edges look softer.

  • #3 is applied to the center of my lids here

Total look:


My makeup #4

How to do it:

  • I set the primer with #1 and shape my eyes with the Anastasia color

  • #2 is applied all over my mobile lid

  • and a little bit of the #3 to the inner corners

Total look:

My makeup #5

How to do it:

  • I set my primer with #1 and then shape my eyes a little with the color from the Anastasia palette

  • I apply the color #2 all over my mobile lid

  • #7 is used in the center of my lids

  • and the corners are done with #3

Total look:

My makeup #6

How to do it:

  • I set the primer with #1 and do the crease with the Anastasia palette

  • I apply #6 all over my mobile lid

Total look:


Well, that’s all. Using this palette I have found a lot of advantages of the palette, which I’d like to list below:


  • these eyeshadows are fantastic when it comes to blending

  • the colors apply thick and well

  • they are dry texture-wise, but it feels as though they are creamy

  • I can come up with evening as well as daytime makeups using this palette

  • the colors are unbelievably beautiful

  • the package looks freaking awesome

  • huge mirror on the top lid

  • the mirror stays in place

  • the products never fall out

  • it’s very easy to work with these eyeshadows, even if it’s your first eyeshadow palette ever


If you wanted to give this palette a shot for a long time, but have hesitated to buy it, then I highly recommend you to buy it. As far as I know that’s a limited edition and once they sell it out, there’ll be no other chance to grab it. Smile

The price is $45

Thanks a lot for your attention!

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