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Written on Monday, July 9, 2018
Pros: brows looks better, doesn't have any hint of orange, doesn't stick brows together, fills the gaps, handy brush wand, non-sticky, wears all day



I respect Benefit with all my heart.

The design of their products is probably the most recognizable, but the quality is also on fleek.

Today I’d like to tell you about the legendary bestseller of the brand. It’s a product that every other girl (that loves quality makeup) has.

This is a real magic wand when it comes to brow makeup, which is kind of a complicated type of makeup actually.

Yes, it’s all about the Gimme Brow+ eyebrow gel:


This is a more precise tool to create beautiful brows that has the new design.

If you live under a rock and don’t know about this product yet, you might like to read the claims:

Gimme brow+ tinted eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. The custom tiny, tapered brush provides easy, mess-proof application. Poof...fuller-looking brows magically appear!


the #1 selling Prestige Eye Brow Gel in the US in 2017* is back as Gimme Brow+

volumizes, tames & tints brows

natural-looking & buildable

water-resistant & long-wearing

same cult-fave Gimme Brow…updated ingredients

94% said brows looked visibly thicker

Right… I could just attach a picture of my results, so that you see if I’m amongst these 94% of women who stated that their brows looked visibly thicker, but I’d like to save it for last.


I suggest you read some theory prior to moving onto the practical part.


So, the main properties of the Gimme Brow + Eyebrow Gel in the shade 03 are:


Outer appearance: The gel comes in a small silver plastic tube that is packed in a thick and colorful outer package.

On the front you can see a pin up girl with a magic wand in her hands, so you may guess that it’s a miraculous product without even reading the claims Smile

On the back you can find the product description and the ingredients. All in all, the colors, thorough design and overall mood epitomize the brand Smile

As I’ve already mentioned, the gel comes in a plastic tube with minimum writing, which stays put and neither fades nor comes off over time.

The cap opens/closes without fuss and fits the tube very well. It has a silicone limiter that works alright. You can see some product that gathers on it, but it doesn’t look messy or anything.

The brush wand is extremely convenient to use. It’s small, neat and tapered. It doesn’t pick up too much product at a time.

The product also comes with a leaflet with not only the suggested use, but also with tips and tricks that are very helpful in creating the brows of my dreams.

The shade: The shade I have is No.3 medium neutral light brown. It doesn’t have any hint of orange and looks very natural.

It’s well pigmented and applies to my brows very well. It’s hard to overdo it and damage the look. When it’s dry, it gives a matte finish.

The renewed color range has 8 shades, so every girl will find something for her.


Texture: It’s a little liquidy yet pliant. It doesn’t bleed or smear anything.


Volume: 3.2 g


Country: USA


Price: $24


Now let’s move onto my favorite bit of the review. The Gimme Brow+ Gel in the shade 03 in action:


A few words about my brows:

I have light and thin hairs, which are pretty thick and have gaps.

I don’t correct my arch and don’t let anyone do this for me, because I already had negative experiences with eyebrow specialists that didn’t fulfill my requirements. So I decided to leave my brows grow as they do now till I find a good specialist Smile

Overall, I like how my brows look at the moment, but they still require some correction and such eyebrow gels/mascaras help me there.


The use and the results:

I would really love my brows to look visually thicker and fluffier. This eyebrow gel is specifically meant for this purpose.

I’d like to show you two makeup looks, the first one I wear on a daily basis and the second one only for some specific occasions.

So, in the first case I apply the eyebrow gel alone without any eyebrow pencil/powder, etc. Here, I first groom my brows a little bit upwards and use the gel that works magic. Due to its nice brush wand, I fill the gaps with ease.

The beginning of the brow I touch only slightly after I color the brow completely. As a result, I get voluminous and fluffy eyebrows that have a natural shade and are just slightly fixed. I don’t have to do anything else about them.

only eyebrow gel is on
only eyebrow gel is on

It doesn’t additionally smear my skin around the brows, so I don’t have to correct any blunders after the process.

More than that, I could easily layer it to add more volume and color, but I decided not to do this.


The second look: This option is more vibrant. At first I apply the eyebrow powder (left picture) and then use this gel on top of it to make my brows look brighter yet not aggressive. Here is the result:

only eyebrow powder/ eyebrow powder + eyebrow gel
only eyebrow powder/ eyebrow powder + eyebrow gel

I can not leave my eyes and lips untouched here, so I add more colors and this is what I get in the end:

eyebrow powder + eyebrow gel
eyebrow powder + eyebrow gel

It doesn’t conflict with the eyebrow powder at all, but gives my brows more color and definition.


A little goes a long way?

The gel goes quite far, even though the tube might look too small.

But it all depends on the intensity you want to get. For me, two coats are enough to get the desired payoff in both cases.


How does it behave throughout the day?

It behaves just perfectly. It sticks around all day and doesn’t fade at all. It doesn’t flow or bleed and my hairs stay fixed all day.


What are my final thoughts?

I guess everything is clear in the pictures, so words are superfluous here, but still I’d like to sum up and say a few words about this eyebrow gel.

The product did meet all of my requirements: it made my brows visually thicker and fluffier and more voluminous. Also, it has lightweight formula that doesn’t smear the skin around my brows.

Moreover, the brilliant compact brush wand helps fill the gaps easy-breezy with a single stroke. Plus, the neutral brown makes my brows look more natural.

All in all, I’m so thrilled to own this eyebrow gel. It showed me how the perfect brow product should look like.


Thank you guys for your attention!

See ya ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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Irene B. recommends Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow gel

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