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Written on Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Pros: hides pores, isn’t seen on the face, it’s of a really light texture, neutral scent
Cons: a lot of silicone, expensive, not lasting effect


My today’s review is of the pore minimizer by Benefit. I think it’s quite difficult to find a girl that hasn’t faced a problem of enlarged pores and tried to hide them. I knew about this product on this site and read how much girls praised and loved it. And now, my opinion about it. Of course, before buying, it’s better to test this product. The Porefessional isn’t cheap, and the way to apply it was also a bit confusing for me. Of course, I looked through the photos of other girls, but still I wanted to try it out myself.

At the store the shop assistant gave me these 3 sachets, each for a one time use.

Even after using such a small amount I can tell you my opinion about it. So they promise to minimize the appearance of pores and make the skin look flawless as never before.

Suggested use:

As a primer to apply on the moisturized skin. Pat with fingers paying much attention to the problem areas.

After the makeup. Delicately dab into the skin

The first sachet I used without looking at the ingredients list. Once I applied the product I was stunned by the effect. As though my fingers were erasers and I was wiping my pores away. The texture is very soft and gentle. Once you apply it onto the skin, it becomes like powder and isn't felt on fingers or my face. Sometimes, it can roll a bit while applying. The cream is quite fair and makes my skin paler and unnaturally matte.

At first, I applied this product in the evening, and the light wasn't very good, so that’s why I was quite delighted with the result.

The second sachet I used in the morning. When I applied this product, I looked at my skin and, oops, it was strange. I mean, there was the same effect of the pores erasing, but not as much as I wanted them to. I have quite big pores, but not large. So, my pores could still be seen, but not as much. Here are the photos for you to compare. In the first one - there’s only my bare skin with no cosmetics on.

In the second, I’ve just applied the product.


Here, the skin on the left is covered with the product and on the right is not. The visual difference is very visible, isn’t it?

After I applied my make-up, I became interested if they wrote the list of ingredients on the sachet. And, they actually did. But I’d advise the weak-nerved people not to read it.

Everybody knows that it’s bad to apply silicone on your skin. So here, there are a lot of them. From the very beginning -

cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone crosspolymer, isododecane (solvent for dimethicone), cyclohexasiloxane

There is too much silicone here, I think. No, I’m not against silicone, but only in hair care products, which I can easily get rid of with the help of a good deep cleansing shampoo. But, as for application of them on my face, no. Only if this product would have given the result I would be absolutely raving about. Probably, I’ll use it only for special occasions when I'll have to look my best.

Look at my skin within an hour and a half of wearing.

Oily pancake instead of my face. All the pores are visible. The price for such a result is too high, and the ingredients are awful. I don’t quite understand what I paid for. And, of course I’m not gonna use the third sachet. If I had to paid my attention to the ingredients at the store then, I wouldn't have purchased the product.

I don’t know how much harm this cream can bring me in the future. I'm almost sure I'll have big, painful blind pimples as the product totally clogs my pores. Time will show.

It’s better to treat the enlarged pores in complex, no matter how long and tedious it’ll be. The most important is the result. If you treat them, you won’t buy such minimizers in the future.

I don’t recommend it. Your health is more important.

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