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Written on Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Pros: convenient applicator, glossy shine, vibrant shades
Cons: budges, isn’t longwearing, tacky texture


The summer is coming which means that our days will soon be filled with romantic, sea and warm night vibes. And of course we all want to bring some bright notes to our looks and look really summer-like. And here, the well-known Benefit brand is actually ready to come and help us. Here’s my review of the Benefit Punch Pop Liquid Lip Color.

I’ll tell you about my impressions of using this product a little bit lower.

Price: $18

Size: 7 ml

Actually, I used to think that lip glosses weren’t my cup of tea. I don’t like the way they look over my lips and I can’t say that you can easily find a lip gloss in my huge cosmetic bag. But I guess you all know that feeling when you can’t resist the desire to buy something pretty and cosmetic, don’t you? Or is it only me suffering it from time to time? Smile

This is how I bought this product. I have them in the shades Mango, which is poppy-red, and Bubblegum, which is sweet and pink, right as a candy floss. There are other 5 shades in the collection available.

Outer look:

Well, what do you expect me to tell you here? The outer look of the products is funny and cute. They remind me of fruit lollipops. The tubes are made of plastic and they are see-through.

I’m always captivated by the Benefit designs. Moreover, their products are always nice to hold in your hands.

Applicator: It’s very convenient for me. It’s resilient to some extent, it’s also furry and doe-foot and of average size.

Scent: Long time ago I used to have the Benefit Coralista lip gloss which had such a sweet and pleasant smell that I always had to struggle a desire to not open it up and devour right from the tube. And I actually wanted these babes to smell the same, but, alas, no magic happened. The scent can be felt and I can even make out some fruit notes there.

Texture: The texture is actually the main disadvantage of this product for me indeed. It’s thick, gooey and very tacky. Because of this texture, the product is very challenging to apply over my lips. Besides, it doesn’t want to stay on the inside of my lips at all.

I forgot to mention that the manufacturer infused the formula with the Vitamin E, which is supposed to nourish and hydrate our lips.


The upper swatch is Bubblegum and the lower swatch is Mango.

On my lips:

In the shots, the products look juicy and very beneficial. You can see this noble beautiful shine as well. But, I have to say that before that I had to try very hard to make the product look good and visible, as well as to apply it with an even coat.

My impressions of use:

  • the staying power of these lip glosses is average. If I don’t eat, they can stay on for 2 hours. If I do eat, I’ll eat them up for sure.

  • The texture isn’t actually pleasant to feel on my lips. Everything sticks to my lips.

  • The product is tricky to apply and smear;

  • It can budge and feather;

  • And all that is for $18. Smile

  • But in general, the product looks very cute.

I haven’t noticed any skin-emollient effect on my lips.

Even though these lip glosses might look vibrant and beautiful over my lips, I still can’t recommend them for purchasing for the price they have. I found them difficult to tame. I hope that my review was informative for you. Smile

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Red Semi-sweet doesn't recommend Benefit Punch Pop Liquid Lip Color

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