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Written on Friday, September 1, 2017
Pros: beautiful design, doesn’t fall out, doesn’t smudge, gives length, good brush, keeps the curl up, no clumps, removes easily, separates eyelashes
Cons: pricy

Hey everybody! I want to share with you my opinion about the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. At this very moment it’s a great product for me. It’s not a lie, as it does everything it promises! Yeah, it’s quite pricey, but it’s definitely worth it. And the girls with straight and whimsical eyelashes will sing praises to it.

The first thing is that the Roller Lash is very pleasant to the touch. I’m talking about the 8.5 ml tube. The design is very cute especially for girls. The tube itself is smooth, but the top cap is like of thick rubber. It’s very convenient, as it turned out to be. Everything in this product was done for our convenience. You all probably faced that problem - when you applied the foundation or cream and wanted to open the mascara, it just glided in your hands and that’s all. It happens that sometimes it’s very difficult to open the tube. But with this rubbed top you won’t have such problems. It’s a simple thing, but very pleasant:)

The second great thing about this product is its brush! It’s not very big, as many manufacturers like to do recently (as though something really depends on it), it’s even quite small, but very thought through, it’s very close to being ideal. The size is perfect, it’s rubber and curled to turn the lashes even more up. Inside the curl the bristles are shorter and thinner. It separates and combs my lashes well.

From the outer side the bristles are thicker and longer. On this side of the brush there settles more of the product so it can be used to give the eyelashes a “dramatic” effect. The stopper is just fabulous. I’ve been using it for half a year and the tube neck is always clean! That’s a rare occasion with my mascaras. I took a picture of the tube as it is. I didn’t wipe anything away. This is its usual state.

This mascara isn’t of an intense black color. There are some blacker exemplars that exist.

The third. The quality of the product is just great. The mascara together with a great brush apply the product very beautifully and curl the lashes. My eyes look bigger. I stopped using an eyelash curler. And I don't think it’s very wise to use them, as they break and damage eyelashes. All in all my lashes look curled the whole day. They don’t go down! The product doesn’t fall out, doesn’t imprint on the upper lid and is damp proof. It does everything that you can expect from a mascara. The shop assistant told me that it can be removed without a soap or with a product you cleanse your face with. She advised me to wet my face, as well as eyes and easily remove the product with my fingers. But, actually it didn’t work like this. But it was quite simple to remove the product. There’s no “panda” effect with it. A little goes a long way. I’ve been using this mascara for two months already and only now it started to become thicker a bit.

Here are the photos for you to see.

My bare eye

And here are 2 layers of Benefit Roller Lash. The product here isn’t very fresh, it’s almost half a year old, but still the result is great.

I definitely recommend it! It’s worth every positive emotion that you’ll have while using it!

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okean recommends Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara

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