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Written on Monday, June 18, 2018

Hello pretties! Wink

After meeting the Charlotte Tilbury brand with the Instant Look in a Palette Face Palette, my desire of buying all her products has only become stronger. What’s more, there have already been written and said so many rave reviews of her lipsticks, that I couldn’t help but give a shot to at least one of them myself. Today I’m bringing you my review of an amazeballs lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips.

The design of all the Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics makes me scream with delight - the packages always look stunning, stylish and camera-friendly.

This lipstick is placed into a ribbed metal case of rose gold color. The top cap doesn’t have a magnetic closure, though it still closes with a click. On the top there are branded СТ letters placed.

Size - 3.5g

Made in Italy

Expires within 12 months.

The aroma of the bullet is sweet, vanilla-like and it really is almost the same as of the MAC lipsticks.

The lipstick is creamy and it feels as though it’s made of butter, because the formula is gliding and very easy to apply over my lips.

The pigmentation is excellent. One coat is enough to cover up my natural lip pigment, even though the color of the lipstick is rather muted and nude.

The product doesn’t bleed or crease in the inside of my mouth. I also appreciate that it doesn’t gather with a white film on my lips. The formula isn’t drying.

The popping feature of the Charlotte Tilbury brand is actually the presence of small details, like that star on the inside of the box, the same one that was on the mirror of the palette. But here, this sign is more eminent and it’s a sign of beautiful lips engraved on the stick itself.

That’s so amazing, isn’t it?

If you ask me about the application, then, without any further ado I can say that the lipsticks require your lips to be perfect and well moisturized before you apply it. Otherwise, it’ll never apply beautifully and will make your lips look cracked and too dry. And even a primer or a lip liner won't actually bring any help, you know. This is a standing feature of this lipstick.

This is why I always have to exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub beforehand, then apply some greasy lip balm with a pretty thick layer to make my lips look their best with this lipstick on. And only after all these procedures I can say that the lipstick applies well and looks fantastic.

The color Kim K.W. has gotten its name after the insta-diva Kim Kardashian.

The color is a beautiful, tender nude peachy-pink. It seems to have a hint of a white pigment to it. It looks different over different people and you can never say for sure the way it’ll look on your lips, unless you actually apply and wear it. My natural lip pigment is pretty fair, and over my lips, this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick looks more nude-like and pinky.

Nude shades are my passion, this is why I picked some other lipsticks from my vanity to show you the beauty of Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Kim K.W. in comparison with the others.

From left to right:

  • Urban Decay Vice Lipstick "Morning After";

  • Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani #100;

  • Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips "Kim K.W.";

  • MAC Satin Lipstick "Faux".

Considering the texture of the lipstick, it offers a regular staying power of 2-3 hours. It won’t live through a meal for sure, but it fades beautifully from the lips.

So now, we can pass over to the practical and the most interesting part of my review. I’ll show you the way this lipstick looks over my lips.

Here I applied the lippie right from the stick and blended it out a little bit with a lip brush.

The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick is undoubtedly beautiful. But, did it make my heart beat faster and think about buying the entire collection at once? Unfortunately no.

I have to prepare my lips a lot before its application or be very careful and apply it over a primer or a lip liner.

I may be ready to give it to all these sacrifices for the color it gives and comfortable wear. But is it worth the money it cost?

This is why my subjective assessment of this Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick is just 4 stars.

Charlotte, what are you doing? You make me wanna try other lipsticks from you!

Price: $34

Thanks for your attention! Be beautiful and have a joyful shopping day! Wink

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