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Written on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Pros: comes off gradually, doesn't dry out lips, doesn't settle into fine lip lines, gorgeous design, intense colors, nice formula, pretty long-lasting

I’m a huge fan of bright lipsticks, but I’ve been always dreaming about a lip product that wouldn’t be noticeable on my lips, but make them look brighter. I used lip stains for that purpose, but they usually had some significant drawbacks. Some of them dried out my lips, the others were not long-lasting enough or didn’t give me any color. Generally speaking I’ve been always looking for a perfect lip tint. Well, I mean I was looking for it, before I happened to try the new Clarins Water Lip Stain.

About the claims:

  • Lasts 300 kisses!* Finally, lip color that won’t kiss off.

  • Consists mostly of water, so it absorbs quickly and leaves a nice and fresh color. Plus, it doesn’t dry out my lips

  • Matte coverage or more like the natural-looking coverage

  • Easy to apply

  • Can be layered for various color intensity

The properties:

It applies really effortlessly yet it doesn’t set so quickly as, for ex., the Korean lip tints, which is a huge plus, because you have enough time to blend it out. Meanwhile it doesn’t bleed or flow!

The applicator wand is very convenient to use. I color my lips in the first go, then let it dry and boost some volume by adding a little bit more of the product to the center of my lips. After that I blend out the contour with my fingers. The precise and perfect contour is also possible with this applicator, if you like it this way.

My lips feel really comfortable. I wear the lip stain every day and never want to apply a lip balm after that.

I can’t say that it’s super-hydrating, but my lips are not dry for sure.

As for the staying power, I can’t also say it lasts forever, but if you don’t eat, drink or lick your lips, it survives the entire working day.

I touch it up after about 4-5 hours and before leaving the work, so that I look decent on my way home. It’s so nice that the shade comes off and fades away gradually without looking streaky or anything.

By the way I couldn’t remove the swatches from my hand for quite a while. Neither cleansing oils nor foaming cleansers managed to wash it off completely. Some hardly noticeable streaks were still there Smile

The shades

As far as I know, it is also available in the orange shade, but I didn’t happen to try it yet.

Anyway I’m not that much into such shades. Other than that, the other shades are simply divine!

They are bright yet not tawdry or flashy. You can apply a very thin coat to get just a slight hue on your lips or apply multiple coats to make it more visible like I did.

At first my lips look dewy, but after the product soaks in, they get matte and look kind of ‘naked’ like if I don’t wear any lipstick.

The product on my lips:

After a few hours
After a few hours

My verdict:

Definitely a Yes from me! This lip stain is unparalleled when compared to the other lips tints I’ve ever tried! Plus, such a gorgeous design! The tube is sleek and the bright metallic-like cap always makes my day. It’s such a pleasure to take this lip stain out of my purse for touch ups.

It will be especially helpful for those who love natural-looking makeups.

However, it’s a little bit pricey. It retails for $28. Nevertheless it goes a long way, so I believe that these babes will probably last me a few years at least Smile

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Maryunicorn recommends Clarins Water Lip Stain

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