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Written on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hey there!

I adore the Clarins brand. From time to time I visit their corners and always buy their products when they’re discounted. I’m charmed with the brand’s aesthetics, their beauty, list of ingredients and perfect manufacturing. Recently, I’ve tried their lip oil, a year ago I praised their SOS mask, so now it’s time to speak about their outsiders. I want to start off with makeup, Water Lip Stain in the color RED to be exact.


  • Product info


Price: $28

Size: 7ml

Shades: 4 to choose from

Made in France


  • Outer appearance

The product in my hands isn’t full-sized. It’s a travel version however, it looks exactly the same as the big one.

All the Clarins products are always packed with cardboard thick and glossy boxes. The travel-size looks the following way:


The front of the packaging shows the name of the brand and the picture of how it looks like.

The top part has the name of the shade:

Some product info:

And a sweet promise of 300 kisses - I’ll check it out.


The box also states the list of ingredients:


Look, there are even skin-friendly components like aloe vera included.


Inside the box, there’s a small tube with the lip stain waiting for us.

The full-size pack looks a little bit different - it’s bigger in size and it doesn’t have that cheap silver line on it.

The bottom also shows the shade:


  • Stopper

It’s terrible. Everything is always stained with the pigment. I have to wipe the brush over the rims but it doesn’t seem to help.


  • Brush

It doesn’t make me rave about it. I wish there was an applicator rather than that brush. It applies the product with stripes and patches. The brush is silicone.


  • Consistency

The product is really runny and watery. It soaks in quickly.

That brush applies it horribly. The coverage looks so streaky. If you want to blend the lip stain out, then you’ll see small clumps all over your lips.


  • Application

As you’ve already guessed, the application of the product is super complicated. Honestly, I haven’t tried to apply this lip stain with some other applicator, I use only the featured brush for it. And I absolutely don’t like working with it.

It’s unreal to apply the pigment with a thin coverage for a “kissed lips” effect. If I layer it, the coverage looks messy. The pigment defines all my lip blemishes and sits in the patches, making them look worse and bigger. My inner lip is brighter and this is how the lip stain looks over it:


The coverage isn’t smooth and it looks creased. If I pack the color, then my lips look super messy.

With the full-on makeup:


  • Wear time

The staying power is pathetic. Once I eat a small cookie or drink water, my lips already don’t have any coverage at all. Only the crevices look accentuated and red.

As for the kisses. This lip stain is able to live through 300 air-kisses only.


  • Aroma

Pleasant and watermelon. It isn’t chemical or chasing.


  • Negative reaction after use

My lip stain sometimes clumps and always leaves my skin dry and dehydrated.


  • Pros and cons

I can list the aesthetic and pleasant to look at packaging to the pros, as well as its performance over flawless lips.



- it sits in my lip crevices. More than on my lips only.

- it fades quickly

- it looks messy if I pack the coverage.


  • The bottom line

They wanted to make a product like one from the Korean brands but they failed. In my opinion, a lip stain is a long-wearing pigment which feels comfortable on the lips. I haven’t noticed anything from this Water Lip Stain.


Thanks for your attention!

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