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Written on Monday, June 24, 2019

Today I have awesome news for you: I’ve found a lip gloss that everyone will fall for! Well, almost everyone… Anyway, you’ll decide for yourself when you read up my review!

Even though theBalm brand and its products are super hyped, there aren’t many reviews of these lip products. I knew about it from YouTube videos.


The color line-up offers 8 shades to choose from - these are greetings in different languages. I can see the logical way here - Ni Hao is the Chinese red, Salut is French mauve and so on.

  • Hello!

  • Aloha!

  • Salut!

  • Ni Hao!

  • Namaste!

  • Hola!

  • Ciao!

  • Konichiwa!

The product is called differently on the net - either a lacquer lipstick, color lip gloss or staining lip tint.

In fact, it has a texture of a non-sticky cream lip gloss with saturated color payoff and staining finish. I hesitated for a moment because I had known that such colorful formula was very likely to bleed on my lips. In fact, I decided not to play full and opted for the shade which wasn’t so vibrant but still wearable. (Actually, I wanted to buy the red Ni Hao or Namaste but the sense was there).

Size: 6.5g

Classification: middle market

Made in: USA


This is what the tube with the product looks like:

Catchy pin-up style, which runs through all the products from theBalm. Smile

The product smells well, it’s sweet and minty. The ingredients list has mint in there, so I can feel that tingling sensation on my lips within the first minutes of application. That’s rather useless here because my lips don’t look more pouty with it anyway.

The applicator is regular and plain.

I want to highlight it once again. I opted for the closest to the nude shade, which is Salut. It looks the most advantageous with my complexion. I’m totally in love such shades.

This pink-brown shade doesn’t rock my socks off with its uniqueness but still, I didn’t want to buy a shade that I would bury somewhere at the bottom of my makeup pouch and never use.

My lips before:

My lips after: Smile

I’m sure that this shade will open up differently over different people. On me, it’s more like true beige with pink and berry undertones. Perfection for every day.

If your complexion is paler, it’ll look darker then.

But the beauty of the shade will fade if lip products bleed over you, as though you’ve spent the last hour kissing someone with French passion.

If it’s hot outside, this lip product may bleed. I’ve warned you. Unfortunately, everything bleeds on me when it’s boiling hot, except my brows, because I do them with henna. I can’t let my brows fade, they are my everything. Smile

But the most interesting thing is the staying power of this lip gloss under normal conditions!

The very first day I applied theBalmJour at 8 am and dived into my working routine. When it was 2 pm, I looked at my lips again and found out that the Salut was still there. Not so fresh as though just applied, but still decent and beautiful.

However, this isn’t the most interesting part. The product is staining. Let’s have a look:

To stain your lips this way, just leave the product on for 10 minutes. Of course, the longer you leave it on, the more long-wearing the stain will become. It’s a great way out if your lips are naturally pale like mine.

The stain leaves my lips beautifully, starting from my inner lips.

Here’s my standard regimen: I wear it from 8 am till 1 pm, then wipe it off, have lunch, apply it once again at 2 pm and then go home at 6 pm when my lips are still covered with the product.

I’ve never tried anything from theBalm before and honestly would think their products were overhyped. But now I can see what I’m paying for and why this lip gloss is way better than those cheap ones and what its advantages are. For me, the key pros are:


  • excellent wear time. It came as a surprise because the texture is creamy.

  • awesome, fuss-free application. I don’t have to bother with lining my lips. The product applies itself on the first go. The sponge takes out the right amount which is enough for both lips. Moreover, it doesn’t crease with white film all over my inner lip.

  • I don’t detect any coverage on my lips at all. Perfection.

  • No flavor. As for the aroma, even though it’s pleasant, it still fades out rather quickly.

  • The shade of the stain looks exactly the same as the shade of the lip gloss. No surprises here.


There’s only one drawback. My hair can get stuck in it.


I don’t know how other shades would perform on the lips but I’m sure that I’ll repurchase the Salut shade 100%. Even though I’m more into matte lipsticks, this lip-gloss-lipstick-tint just stole my heart. It offers everything that I love: lip moisture, awesome staying power and beautiful fading!

But you won’t ever see it because it leaves a staining finish behind. It’ll be a problem not to fall for the brand.

If you know any other dope products from them, please list them down below in the comments. I’m craving for something cool. :)Have a pleasant shopping day and new makeup faves! Smile

Yours, Existence

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