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Written on Monday, January 21, 2019
Pros: dope colors, pigmentation
Cons: creasing, some shades fall out

Hello there! :)Everyone is buzzing about the ColourPop eyeshadow palettes now. At first, I tried to stay away from them but over time it became more and more difficult.


So, during the Black Friday sales, I purchased this eyeshadow palette for me. For quite a while I couldn’t decide on which one to buy. I had already had green and red-toned palettes in my collection, let alone the nudes, which my collection is full of. And then I recollected blue shades, which I was longing for. There were two blue-toned palettes from the brand - Wet and Mar. Eventually, I stopped on Wet because it has less nude colors, which I’ve already gotten from other palettes.

Price - $12. The palette offers 8 shades- 4 matte and 4 shimmering (which can be additionally divided in 2).

So, finally, here it is.

The design of the palette is pretty interesting and the cover was sophisticated:

It had the palette inside, which is silver and cardboard. It has the glittery name on the top. Well, it’s beautiful but it suffered in my makeup bag once I took it with me for travelling.

The palette isn’t big size-wise. It’s user- and travel-friendly. It closes with a magnet. No mirror provided.

Let’s get back to the shades. As I’ve already mentioned, there are 8 of them and they are fantastic! I appreciate those 2 basic shades, which make the palette universal and sufficient, yet still not enough. The thing is that these shades won’t flatter everyone. And they don’t seem to be enough for absolutely any makeup look.

Let’s have a closer look at them (I swatched them with my finger):

The upper line:

Finished?: matte light-blue. It’s off-white and really fair. Sometimes it even looks like chalk. Yet, I like the way it looks in my inner corners.

I'm Chillen: blue matte shade. I wish it was more pigmented but still I think it’s fine.

LOL I'm Crying: bright glitter turquoise shade. It’s dry with a lot of chunky shimmering glitter. It can fall out and dust.

Skinny Legend: matte beige skin color with pink undertone. It’s dope for blending and this pink color is still in place sometimes.

Lower line:

Mood: bright saturated metallic shade. It’s fantastic yet a little bit tricky to apply. Fantastic over a base.

Fishy: metallic, dark-based emerald glitter-infused hue. It’s awesome on the swatch but in my makeup the base shade looks more standing out there. I’ll have to think about how to use it right to show off its finest beauty.

Thickems: shimmering silver shade. It’s creamy by touch and it feels as though it melts between my fingers. Perfection. No fall out, though it may be imprinted on the skin, so be careful.

Ewa Beach: matte warm brown.

My makeups with the palette:

1. With the shades I'm Chillen, Skinny legends, Ewa beach and Thickems.

2. With the shades Skinny legends, Ewa beach, LOL I'm Crying, Fishy, Finished? + plus a brow shade from another palette and green mascara:

3. Skinny legends, Ewa beach and the line with the Thickems. Here you can see how the silver shade imprinted on my skin:

4. Skinny legends, Ewa beach and Thickems. I adorned it with a black liner:

5. Mood, Finished? + black matte shade over cream eyeshadows:


Almost all the shades apply and blend out well. The pigmentation is fantastic!

However, there’s a downside in the staying power. I asked a lot of girls, who also possess eyeshadow palettes from ColourPop and they all assured me that they don’t have any problems with the shades' longevity. At first, I used to think that it was all due to my skin and my skincare game, which was really profound in winter. But no.

All my other eyeshadows stay on me as always. Besides, we tested these shades on my sister’s eyes and they creased over her as quickly as over me.

I also was thinking about changing the primer. Currently I use cream eyeshadows as a primer and any product stays on well over them, except these eyeshadows. At the moment, I’m trying to save the situation with a setting spray. It seems to be helpful but not much. And even though the palette has such a great minus, I still use it every day.


I can see how pigmented some shades are and this pushes to more purchases from ColourPop. But this staying power issue really stops me from doing it immediately.

Well, I can’t recommend this palette for purchasing, even though it’s cool.

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