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Written on Thursday, January 31, 2019
Pros: compact, easy to work with, pigmentation, pleasant texture, price/quality, shades, staying power, versatile
Cons: no mirror

I bought this palette for $16. Actually, I also bought a lippie along with it but it doesn’t matter now.

12 shades in the palette. These are shimmering and matte ones as well. The palette closes with a magnet. No mirror was provided, which is pretty inconvenient but I can live without it. In general, the palette is rather universal. I’ll show you two makeup looks later, while now, let’s have a closer look at the shades.

Swatches on my hand applied with my finger. Later, I’ll show you the swatches on my eyes, applied with a brush.

The shades are well-packed with pigments and they are really bright. I applied them with my finger without a primer. But usually, I wear my eyeshadows over a foundation +corrector. Sometimes, I can wear them over the Too Faced primer.

I decided to apply the swatches with a brush only of the shimmering colors.

The first is done over my nude skin. I applied three layers.

And this is over a foundation. The golden and dark-rose colors are applied with 3 layers for the better color payoff. In general, I layer them on my eyes as well to get the needed for me intensity. And even though the shade from the right (Be Blunt) looks matte, it’s metallic actually.

And now I’ll show you all of them on my eyes, describing each and every color.

Shade Truth hurts. Warm, a little bit red shade, which plays well as a basic color.

Shade Frank. It’s dark, red-brown. I darken the crease with it, blending out the edges.

In general, this makeup might be full, if I apply a fairer shade all over my mobile lid. But I’m here to show you all the colors, so let’s go on.

Shade BS. Red-brown shimmering color for the outer Vs.

After that, I blend out the edges to make them appear more smokey.

Shade Matter of Fact. I apply it over my mobile lid, getting closer to the eye corners.

I could stop here, adorn this makeup with some mascara but I keep on going. Smile

Shade Candid. Beautiful rusty shimmering color. I apply it to the center of my mobile lid and blend to the outer Vs.

Next is the shade Straight up. It isn’t as saturated red as the Candid shade but still, I apply it over my mobile lid, closer to the inner corners, blending out the previously applied Candid color.

It doesn’t appear bright over the fair matte shade, as it used to in the swatch. But we have to remember that the colors always look different if applied with fingers and brushes.

After that, I add some Up Front color - gilded inner corners.

You can add an eyeliner here to finish up the look. I call it “Foxy”

And now, let’s have a look at the other shades.

Let’s start with the Downright color and apply it to the crease, blending it into the lower lashline.

After that apply the TMI to the crease and lower lash line again, darkening the outer corner.

Beautiful, right?

Let’s take the Actually shade, which really looks like chocolate for me. I use it as an eyeliner and also apply it over ⅓ of my mobile lid.

Blend out the edges and apply the Matter of Fact shade all over the mobile lid.

Shade Be Blunt is applied to the center of my mobile lid, blended out to the outer Vs. Unfortunately here, my camera refused to show its color true to life, so have a look at it below, where you’ll see it better.

Add some Forthright over your mobile lid, closer to the inner corner.

Straight Up in the corner, blended into the lower lid.

And the result, of course.

And this is a comparison with my non-made up eye. Look at how nice I look.

You can add a kajal all over the waterline. I usually do so because I can’t color my eyelashes too close to the roots.

My personal impressions of use:

The palette is very good. The shades are excellent, saturated and easy to work with. They are all really matchy. Is it versatile? I think yes.


The palette is good for party makeup, as well as for day-to-day wear for the job or studies. The shimmers are dope and the mattes too.

Most of all I had to spend more time for the Actually shade because it’s dark and when I blend it, it may lose its pigmentation.

The pink colors are fantastic. The red-brown ones are pleasant to look at.

The formula is long-wearing and the products never leave me throughout the wear.

I can apply them over a foundation or a concealer. They don’t require a special primer for that. But my eyelids aren’t oily and most of the eyeshadows stay on well on me.

As for the disadvantages: no mirror included.

And yeah, the outward appearance of the palette isn’t good. It feels as though the press was smaller than the size of the refill, that’s why they look so clumpy on the edges.

In all other respects, the palette is great.

No allergy or any other negative reaction was noticed.

Highly recommended!

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av.coleman recommends ColourPop Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette

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