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Written on Monday, November 27, 2017
Pros: gazillion of colors, great staying power, highly-pigmented, no fallout, unusual texture
Cons: no

Hi there!

I was tired of the beauty bloggers who constantly said how great these eyeshadows by ColourPop are. I was tired of hearing and not having the opportunity to see them with my own eyes. I couldn’t resist it anymore and bought one color for myself.

The price on the official site was $5 but during Christmas sales it cost $4.

What a bargain! Smile

The product arrived to me packed in a cardboard box, nothing to stop your attention here.

The jar with the product was inside the cardboard box. It is rather big and at the first sight I thought that there were a lot of the product in, well, I was wrong. There are all in all 2.1g of the eyeshadows. The jar is plastic and white, no frills about it. The packaging shows that it’s a really mass market product.

I ordered the Porter color. Choosing the color, I didn’t pay much attention that it was written to be a shimmer shade, which I don’t actually rave about. Well, my fault but still I use the product. On the packaging they say that the eyeshadows are “metallic”, well I don't actually agree. Look at the swatch, do you see a metallic finish here? I don’t. I see a matte satin shimmer finish and no metallic for sure.

After I’ve received my color and tried it out, in hindsight I think that the Static would have been better for me. But since the color selection consists of more than two hundred colors, I’m planning to order at least 5 more colors the next time.

When I received my order, I swatched the product on my hand and was really surprised when I couldn’t wash it off. It took some effort and time to wash off completely. Well, a good sign of the staying power, I thought.

The texture is another thing that I was surprised by. It’s something between dry and creamy texture. It’s so bouncy by the way. It was fine to touch them, but still it was a mystery for me as to how to apply such a strange texture on the eyes, since I’m not a professional makeup artist.

After a few applications with my fingertips, I found out that there’s so little of the product in a pan. The spending is so big! After some torture and experiments with application, I’ve finally understood that a fingertip application or synthetic brush are best of all, though the synthetic brush will take up more. Yet some people like this technique.

I think that if you apply it with a fingertip then the color payoff is more intense and bright. What’s more, it’s way easier to layer the product if you apply it with the fingertip.

Don’t be upset if you can’t apply these eyeshadows beautifully on the first go. YouTube is here to help you out. I watched some tutorials with these eyeshadows and now I can say that I’ve already mastered the technique of application. Look at this Vampy mysterious makeup (although I was trying to make it look romantic, but anyways, I love it)


I liked the eyeshadows very much and I really want to buy some other shades, especially metallics. By the way, I’ve heard that the mattes in this collection are shitty, bad pigmented and aren’t worth attention. Have you tried them? What are your impressions?


  • wide range of colors

  • staying power

  • intense color


  • size

And I also want to add that the product a little bit finicky when it comes to application but I got used to it after a few times of wearing the product.

Well, if you want to give these legendary eyeshadows a go, then of course I do recommend them! They are great in almost all respects! BUT I can’t say that it’s a must-have for me, alas.

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Chestnut recommends ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows

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