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Written on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hello beautiful ladies! Smile

Today I want to talk about a bundle of lippies which I highly recommend you to avoid, even during sales and discounts.

ColourPop Trifecta Liquid Lip Bundle.

This bundle is actually a plain cardboard box. The box houses all three lippies. On the box you’ll find a lot of product information, including the shade descriptions, expiration dates, weight and lists of ingredients.

The weight of the lip gloss is 3g, while the matte and satin lipsticks have 3,2g each.

The ColourPop brand doesn’t test on animals.

The ColourPop Trifecta Liquid Lip Bundle consists of 3 lippies which offer three different finishes - glossy, satin and matte. In general, these are the three most basic and popular finishes for lip products, this is why I thought that this bundle could be a great start to meet the ColourPop lip products. But no, something went clearly wrong.

All the products have the same looking packaging - acrylic see-through container and a silver plastic top cap. There is also silver lettering here, which vanishes very quickly. Moreover, the applicators also seem to be the same. They are small furry sponges which deliver enough of the formula to my lips all the time.

So now, let’s speak about each shade separately.

I’d better to start with the worst one, I think, so as to finish my review with a hint of a positive note.

Ultra Matte Lip in the color Knotty.

Well, this shade is definitely trouble, guys! The product is difficult to apply over my lips, it always looks streaky and, to make things worse, it awfully shows all my lip blemishes. The situation can be saved only with the use of a lip primer. But still, I can’t say that it really helps me out.

The lippie feels dry over my lips and in general it is drying out for my lips. Besides it always looks patchy and applies unevenly. What’s more, it starts crumbling on the inside of my mouth over time.

So, it’s a definite NO for this product, even though the color might be pretty beautiful. I guess it might be a good product only for those who perfected their lips with lip augmentation.

Ultra Glossy Lip in the color My Jam.

One more terrific lippie from the bundle, which is highly unpleasant to apply over my lips. It’s super sticky! Yuck! I don’t know how ColourPop have managed to do it, but out of the 4 lip glosses from this collection that I have, this one is the stickiest ever! Maybe it all depends on the color.

The product feels unpleasant on my lips and it’s also too thick. I don’t like how uneven it looks. But still I have to say that it doesn’t feather or crease. I also don’t actually gravitate towards the shade it has. In general, the bronzy shade goes badly with golden shimmer, especially if you have fair skin. And here, I guess that those shimmer bits also play a part as they are extremely difficult to smear evenly over my lips, so as not to make them bundle together. It isn’t well visible if I wear it solo. So, it’s better to apply it over a lipstick.

Overall: the My Jam color doesn’t deserve my attention, even though the other shades from the collection that I’ve tried were more or less bearable.

Ultra Satin Lip in the color Reign.

Well, here I’m ready to praise the ColourPop brand, because they managed to create a beautiful and comfortable lipstick. The consistency of the product is a tad runny but still it applies on my lips softly and with an even layer. It doesn’t feather, crease or budge. But it can stain everything, since the texture doesn’t set.

I experience pleasant and comfortable feelings wearing this product on my lips. It doesn’t give any drying out sensation to them at all.

The staying power is about 4 or 5 hours. It won’t live through a meal.

The Reign shade has turned out to be a beautiful brick, terracotta-like color. It looks like one of those popular lipstick colors from the 90s, which fits into modern makeup so nicely.

I was upset with this ColourPop Trifecta Liquid Lip Bundle, alas. Only one lippie out of the three turned out to be good, which I could have bought separately for a cheaper price.

I don’t like the matte formula offered by ColourPop. It doesn’t feel comfortable and I guess that the quality of the products highly depends on the color they have. While the satin textures are great and I really recommend you give them a try!

Price of the bundle - $19 (it was discounted and I got it for $16) on the official website.

Thanks for reading my post! Stay beautiful and have a wonderful shopping day! Wink

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